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Kardinal Offishall ft. Solitair – As We Continue

Here’s something new off K-Salaam & Beatnick’s Whose World Is This, which is out now.

Kardinal Offishall ft. Solitair – As We Continue

Hit the jump to check out a K-Salaam & Beatnick segment on Vimby.

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31 Responses to “Kardinal Offishall ft. Solitair – As We Continue”

  1. Latarian Milton Says:

    the cool

  2. Latarian Milton Says:

    stop tryina b me

  3. eskay Says:


  4. Boosie Says:

    Mohandas Dewese (born 8 August 1962), better known as Kool Moe Dee

    Keith Murray (born on September 13, 1974 in Central Islip, New York)

    Moses Barrett III (born September 10, 1979 in Greenville, North Carolina), known by the stage name Petey Pablo

    Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, Jr. (born October 15, 1970),[1][2] better known by his stage name Ginuwine

    Kurupt (born Ricardo Emmanuel Brown on November 23, 1972[citation needed] in

    Phillip Bernard, better known as Grafh, (born on August 22, 1982, in Jamaica, Queens, New York City)

  5. Boosie Says:

    Ricky Walters (born January 14, 1965), better known by stage names Slick Rick,

  6. Boosie Says:

    Warren Griffin III (born November 10, 1970 in Long Beach, California[3]) better known by his stage name Warren G,

  7. Boosie Says:

    Nicole Monique Wray (born July 1, 1981, sometimes credited as Nicole),

  8. Boosie Says:

    Ernesto Shaw (born January 8, 1975[citation needed] in Jamaica, Queens, New York City, New York, U.S.), better known as DJ Clue?

  9. pockets Says:

    ohhhhh shitttt LUPE READ tHE CONVO?! yo im mad that i was there fighting for him for like an hour and chea comes in for one comment and thats the one that ends up on lupe’s blog

  10. eskay Says:

    that’s not Lupe’s blog dummy.

  11. Plug Says:

    Plug (born July 18 in Detroit Michigan) better known as Plug Industries

  12. Latarian Milton Says:

    lol i love that lupend blog it’s run by some european fanboys shit’s hilarious it’s like:


    -have lupe notice us – done!
    -lupe to say the word amajanese – why not – it describe his style of flavor!

    hahaha good site tho

  13. BKScribe Says:

    lupe is cool… but i dont see the hoopla

  14. Boosie Says:

    Pockets would you eat a cow and some goat, just to see lupe?

  15. D. Billz Says:

    Plug’s real name is Clayvon Ocious Wheeler.

  16. pockets Says:

    yea after like five seconds i knew it wasnt him, yo boosie i eat cow and goat anywayz

  17. Boosie Says:

    Dominick Wickliffe, better known by his stage name Crooked I

  18. Latarian Milton Says:

    boosie i c ur on ur grizzly but ur not gonna top magoo’s name, that dude is such a herb and his govt name is the icing on the supercake (c) pock

  19. Latarian Milton Says:

    people keep showcasing pockets’ comments and my comments on this blog thus directing page views over here

    i want my royalty checks please send to the sears tower chicago illinois 60606 attn: CHEA

  20. Plug Says:

    D. Billz, better known as Darius Peabody

  21. pockets Says:

    people keep showcasing pockets’ comments and my comments on this blog thus directing page views over here

    ^i know rite, i feel like we should be putting our commenting skills to better use


  22. Latarian Milton Says:

    real spit tho we should do a blog [||]

  23. pockets Says:

    yo chea u could give ur perspective on shit, i could give mine and we could be eating supercake in no time

  24. Latarian Milton Says:

    but we would have to thank eskay for being the greatest blogger in history in the “about” section or else eski would never link to us (c) alumnah

  25. pockets Says:

    loll werd up esko mite hit us up with gay porn viruses to bring us back to his lair

  26. D. Billz Says:

    Plug = Ernest Ignacious Coles

  27. Latarian Milton Says:

    i’m saying tho we might take like half of his market share

    how hard is it to post everything Mr. X, splash and lowkey post 10 seconds after they post it (c) eskay

    plus our commentary swag is ill and don’t forget the rapper impersonations

    damn i might have to reserve some domain names


    gotta keep it controversial

  28. Latarian Milton Says:

    imagine breaking new music, other bloggers would have to be like “Swacked from Islamic Martyrdom”

  29. Paperstacker Says:

    that album is like a space capsule from 2015



  30. Culture Shock! Says:

    Damn Nas only sold 63K. At this rate, rappers will have to start doing collaborations with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers to see any sales.

  31. pockets Says:

    but yo if i were to blog i wouldnt post about new music i.e. a nr replica…fuck that we gotta think bigger like a superplate, ur on to something with the fake verses n comedy shit

    btw tho i thought that was lu’s official blog cuz at the end of the cool he plugs it

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