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Video: Nas Myspace Release Show in Hollywood

Here’s some more footage from the Myspace backed Nas show at the Roxy in Hollywood.

Previously: Nas – Sly Fox (live @ The Roxy) | Jim Jones Calls Nas a Dweed, Says Get Money

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8 Responses to “Video: Nas Myspace Release Show in Hollywood”

  1. DUKES Says:

    Ya, this makes sense, FOX owns MySpace.

  2. clyde Says:

    thought we were boycotting MySpace

  3. embark Says:

    Newscorp owns FOX and Myspace

    If you boycott Newscorp youg gotta boycott….life.

  4. gr3um5 Says:

    one love !
    still matic

  5. Ali Says:

    exactly! what’s the deal here??? how does Nas protest outside of Fox and then he’s sponsored by them … as much as I respect Nas as a rapper, sometimes I think he’s an idiot, therefore Jay-Z >Nas.

  6. Shut Up! Says:

    Nas is not really saying Fox owns myspace, he basically is using the wrong pronoun…instead of sayiny their own myspace he states they own myspace…incorrect grammar usage!

  7. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    ^^^ wrong you idiot…. nas is saying fox owns myspace, cuz they do…

    guess the lil homie likes rupurt after all…

  8. spirit equality Says:

    nas says in the beginning that he hates fox but rocks with myspace…i hate fox and i have a myspace account. lol.

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