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Video: Hell Rell – Ruga Stories Part 7

A Day With Ruga: On Album Street Date. In the next chapter of the “Ruga Stories” webisode series, Rell hits the streets (and Best Buy) on the day of the release of “Black Mask Black Gloves,” chops it up with some locals on the streets of Manhattan and stops by Sirius radio for some on-air interviews.

Previously: Hell Rell – Black Gloves | Hell Rell’s Ruga Stories Pt. 5

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4 Responses to “Video: Hell Rell – Ruga Stories Part 7”

  1. and the winner is... Says:

    wow… comments be low these days….im back on new york time and its like everyone went abroad now… I need a diddy blog asap..

  2. we stone Says:

    send me a 100 dollars ruger

  3. The Most Misunderstood Man Says:

    Rell can go in when he want to. I on’t know about that whole Dip Set movement though. I see he ain’t yelling Byrd Gang!!

  4. spirit equality Says:

    shame on this dude for trying to go in on outkast with that weak ass verse.

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