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Video: Asher Roth’s First Live Performance

Asher Rother performed live for the first time last night at Fuggin’ Awesome 4 and apparently teared the house down with a 45 minute set. Footage of Cannon, Rub On Your Tits, Dey Know, Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On ‘Em), La Di Da Da Da & I Love College – all available above.

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14 Responses to “Video: Asher Roth’s First Live Performance”

  1. sleep Says:

    Eminem is only white rapper I listen to, this guy music gets no QT with my ear drums.

  2. Richie Cunning Says:

    Anybody who gets on without doing a show is a straight sucker.

  3. embark Says:

    ^ You aint neva lied homie.. I hope thats a misprint, Esk.

    Anybody who GOES on, without one original track is a straight sucker too.

  4. Becca Says:

    dude is nice. i’ve been vibin to greenhouse effect for weeks now.

  5. YERP!!! Says:

    Asher Roth is nice wit it
    the mixtape was pretty

  6. Mr.Londoner Says:

    for a first performance looked kinda live..

    live band > dj

  7. DUKES Says:

    Im losing my memory and becoming an old man. Wtf is that Cannon beat from again?

  8. Rob Rush Says:

    This dude is ass

  9. Rob Rush Says:

    also… Londoner, a live band is not better than a DJ. DJ=hip hop

  10. DES Says:

    good instrumental, i like asher but he sounds alot like eminem used to.

  11. Nanyanen Says:

    I don’t know what the fuck is going on… This dude is garbage. Whatever ability he has is being squandered bc of his incoherent and pointless lyrics and themes. And this cat isnt even close to Em. The comparisons stop at skin color and voice.
    trash trash trash.

    once the smoke clears you dickriders will c what it is and isnt. smh.

  12. bsidewinzagain Says:

    yo…this dude is all right, but the hype is obscene. eskay–not quite sure why you’re a party to all this quasi-internet hype. this dude is having a go at jay z based on his blog buzz. let’s all calm down with this shit.

  13. Komrade Says:

    He is nothing like Eminem but he is still nice

    Yall cats may not feel him, but if you cant see the $$$$$$$ in this cat like Drama and everybody who is fuckin with him can, then yall blind suckers. Dude isnt even that bad, still comes more correct then a lot of emcees today.

    Its the fact he a white college boy who likes to spit that everyone hates

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