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Video: Nardwuar vs. N.E.R.D

Nardwuar interviews Pharrell & Shay in a segment he calls: N*A*R*D vs N*E*R*D which turns out to be a very insightful piece. Back before Viacom was what you relied upon, MuchMusic used to hold me down heavy. I remember when Rahzel tried to teach dude how to beatbox… good times.

Props to elitaste.

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11 Responses to “Video: Nardwuar vs. N.E.R.D”

  1. 911 Says:

    I watched a mickey factz post the other day and was thrown off…

    So lemme’ get this straight this guy was destined to be a lawyer, but no he felt sooooo passionate about rappin’ that he dropped the legal pad to pursue his dream and save the game. Not help niggas in the system find loopholes in a flawed justice system, nah fuck that he wanna scribble jargon on a notepad and be raps new emperor. Am I reachin’ or is the game fucked up.

  2. embark Says:

    what do you mean destined? like he was one? or like he went to law school? or like he used to work in the mail room of a law firm?

    Regardless, I cant fault the man for not wanting to fuck with the law profession. I can for putting out a steady stream of pretentious mediocre rhymes tho..

  3. ODEMIC Says:


  4. dino pope Says:

    crazy interview
    “you have a remote viewing talent”

  5. Just.... Says:

    That was the funniest interview I have ever seen.

  6. craig Says:

    excellent , maybe better than the Snoop interviews…. this guy is an institution in western canada, and as P mentions this insightful bout almost any music act ya can think of … he killed it in the punk world… Rollins interview is excellent too.


  7. steve Says:

    man, you should step your game up… 2dopeboyz is schooling you on these posts. that’s right, hours make a difference.

  8. Absent Says:

    damn, good lookin on postin’ this. my fav is the one where snoop jacks his record

  9. Deano Says:

    Nahright, thank you for the NARD drop, need more of this guy. Also, P said it, ‘once you go to Japan; you have seen it all.’ That statement is so true on so many levels. The country is 5 years ahead on everything you can think of, my friends.


  10. Grizz Says:

    I’ve been watching nardwuar for almost my whole life and that had to be the best interview i’ve ever seen by him. Both of them where blown away.

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