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Video: Elzhi – Motown 25/That’s That One (Live)

Previously: Elzhi ft. Royce The 5′9 – Motown 25 (Prod. by Black Milk)

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9 Responses to “Video: Elzhi – Motown 25/That’s That One (Live)”

  1. 911 Says:

    “If they hadn’t shot down the fourth plane it would’ve hit the dome,” Stone, a Navy officer, said in his opening remarks…”

    got damn it must be two sides…

  2. landLORD Says:

    … elzhi & royce >>> jayz & nas ….

  3. embark Says:

    # D_Block_4_life Says:
    July 25th, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    embark Says:

    USA Basketball @ 8
    gOOODDDD LOOOKIIIN i almost forgot about that fam

    USA – bron VS George Westinghouse HS >>>> than anything else on TV

  4. 911 Says:

    send a royce audio file land…daps in advance.

  5. big filth Says:

    nobody fuckin with elzhi’s “patter-ens”.

  6. Eightys Baby Says:

    I know you see my nigga Elzhi in that Eighty’s Baby childhood champs tee.

    Industry takeover in affect.

  7. That Man Says:

    Song of the year.

  8. Eightys Baby Says:

    ChildHood champs shirt is heat!!!
    the myspace is crazy myspace/childhood_champs.com

  9. Chronwell Says:

    I was wonderin bout that shirt!Detroit in the muthafukkin bldg!!

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