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Video: Bill O’Reilly Disses Nas Album & Sales

Straight comedy.

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26 Responses to “Video: Bill O’Reilly Disses Nas Album & Sales”

  1. Yianni Says:

    O’Reily is a fuckin idiot and i hope he goes away

  2. digital scales Says:

    Fucking thing sucks!

  3. sleep Says:

    Coming to concert singing ho and shit/ fuck yoh little little ho bitches/i don’t need yoh/ I’ll go gold with it(c) nas

  4. MES Says:

    he right but the fact the matter is it o’reilly so it goes throughone ear and out the other,Eskay and the G-unot soldiers were doing carwheels screaming FLOP when curtis and company did 110,000 but when homey does 187,000 you dont hear peep because “its a #1 album” when at the end of the day its #1 by default the album is still crack regardless but its a FLOP.

    HHID did 350,000 with 1 single and little video play on BET(106&Park)and the Hip-Hop is Dead convo that everyone was having ,Nigger rolls along even more contrevesy with FOX news “promotion” and the whole world concern about the title and yet you only do 187,000.Nas sells records not Jay-,Eminem,Curtis number but 300,000 his first week isnt strange Stillmatic did 300,000+ its first week so dont give me the “good numbers for him B.S” cuz it aint

  5. Nick James Says:

    hahahahaha, nas has definately got under his skin!!

    nas = goat

  6. we stone Says:

    lmfao.. anyone supporting nas is CORRUPT.

  7. Gavin West Says:

    Well, O’ Reilly has truly proven he is the 50 Cent of right wing show hosts. Lets see, Bill says shit just piss people off, gets in pointless feuds, and now, he tries to to use RECORD SALES to disparage a rapper he’s in a fued with, and all for the money.
    Sounds like Bill O’ 50 to me.

  8. ultraheady Says:

    I Am sold 500,000 first week, but that was a different era…

  9. Komrade Says:

    O Reilly needs to get neutered

  10. Paperstacker Says:


  11. Shut Up! Says:

    Nas has truly pissed him off- the truth hurts!

  12. nick Says:

    o reilly is a cock sucker but nas has really gotten to him which is awesome…some one needs to take o reilly off the air or just kick him square int eh nuts

  13. mufasa Says:

    This is TOO funny!

  14. Eastern_Digital Says:


  15. Carsten Says:

    the way he speaks out Nas makes me wanting to smash that shit out of him.

  16. Abe Says:

    ^^^Word? You feelin Billy like that?

  17. 123 Says:


    Bill O’Reilly stays winning.

  18. Napps126 Says:

    Whats funny is that he says that ANy News station that acknowledges NAs’ Moveon.com campaign is not worthy….well, I see Bill acknowledging it the most….sooooo what does that mean

  19. Coolhand Luke Says:

    Hahlarious. Is it just me, or does it seem like O’Reilly really gets off on saying “NaaS”? Regardless of the level of racism on the network, the reality is that the whole station stays promoting ignorance. I hope Papa Bear takes a spear in the ass. He’s like America’s equivalent of the news host in V for Vendetta- and we saw what happened to that muhfucka. . .

  20. Andrew Barber Says:


  21. Eightys Baby Says:

    Damn this nigga O Really gets on my nerves. Of all people, he had to pick up the Billboard 100 on Wednesday and go in.

  22. Vee Says:

    Bill just ethered NaaS.
    I don’t watch or care too much for the O’Reilly Factor but this sh*t is funny. It doesn’t matter if Nas CD hit number one on Billboard, O’Reilly’s spin was on point.

    yeah straight comedy.

    Limbaugh – $400 million
    Hannity – $100 million
    Who knows how much O’Reilly is getting.

    They get paid lovely to talk greasy on the mic. Say what you want but by hip hop current standards success talks, NaaS is simply doing his publicity moves to garner attention for his new CD.

    NaaS > Lil Homey

  23. cliff Says:

    fuck it, lets do it live!

  24. Bigyouth007 Says:

    O’reilly stays loosing

  25. Coconut Head Says:

    123 you’re an idiot…point blank period!! you must be fuckin o’riley…or you’re a bigot trolling this site!!

  26. 40 Inch Says:

    its straight comedy that eskay a broke mutha fucka

    fuck bil o reily

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