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Video: Rick Ross ft. Trey Songz – This Is The Life

New shit from Officer Ross.

Previously: Rick Ross is Laughing at the Blogs

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12 Responses to “Video: Rick Ross ft. Trey Songz – This Is The Life”

  1. anons Says:

    oh ross.

    your only fault was in reppin an image that was inherently anti-police and then turning out to be one…the height of hypocrisy..and then lying about it. smh

    if his career survives, hip hop really is dead…

    dead=corporate product=honors only the dollar

  2. gr3um5 Says:

    don’t give a fux now for the officer’s affair !!!
    RICKY ROSSSSSS ina mofo buildin’… defjam third solo album,
    let me see : DEEPER THAN RAP album, after this summer.

  3. anons Says:

    “i ain’t fakin”
    – rick ross ft. trey songz- this is the life

    “false prophets”
    – donny goines

  4. maybe someone Says:

    hahaha “New shit from Officer Ross”

    Oh big BO$$, the officer Ross!!!!HAHAHA

  5. gr3um5 Says:

    brand new joint

    Murs – To protect and to entertain


    new track (not on free album “sweet lord”) but hot !

  6. gr3um5 Says:


  7. Brother Lightness Says:

    Does Ross realize how much of a caricature he is?

  8. Bayan Says:

    the track the video is bullshit, no it’s bigger than that, it’s mammoth shit

    this video flossin shit is straight tired, get the fuck over it already

    go watch som Killer Mike Pressure ft Ice Cube video, now THIS is the life

  9. whowhatwhenwherewhy Says:

    straight trash!!!!!so sick of this bullshit!

  10. Prince Says:

    Ross Could Be Laughing At The Blogs All He Wants But I’m Dying At This Picture


  11. that guy Says:

    i’m not even going to watch this shit unless Ross reads me my Miranda rights.

  12. lea Says:

    uuhh a couple things…..
    that was not his shoe she was lacing in the beginning, too thin, wouldnt his shoe be lil more wider and ran ova. maybe its just me! Thank the Lord for Trey Songz! however Trey has chopped the braids! also that is the smallest club scene ive ever seen in a video! maybe if Ross would rep dem Zo’s a lot more often that would help his street cred! and am i the only woman that erls when i see this guy! hopefully not! Love Trey Songz though, only reason I watched entire video!

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