Video: Nas on The Colbert Report

Colbert reports on the Fox News protest

Interview and performance of “Sly Fox” after the jump. UPDATE: Redlasso clips are no longer available due to a crab ass lawsuit by certain TV networks, but Comedy Central has made this full episode available here.



Look for the Jay Smooth cameo at about 2:41.

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And finally, Bill O’Reilly responds to today’s protests. calls “the new Klan” and trots out a couple of lap dogs to back him up.

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55 Responses to “Video: Nas on The Colbert Report”

  1. Los Says:

    I know the Kool-Aid term is not meant to be racist

    But that was a poor choice of words to label a group who are upset at Fox’s supposed racist treatment of Obama.

    It was boderline hilarious and reeking of irony. lol

    Not supporting OReilly but he says that shit all the time. Drinking Kool-Aid is a reference to the mass cult suicide led by Jim Jones of the The Peoples Temple. Scroll down http // (add missing colon)

  2. Hombre Negro Says:

    Best rapper alive = Nasty NaS/ Niggahs Against Society

  3. lea Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE COLBERT!! so Fox higher ups really dont think Bill is racist! this is CRAZY! i never see any positive new about minorities on Fox news! uncle Juan Williams just because youre not the only ones who do it doesnt make it right! duh! did she say “Jihad” oh yeah that Jim Jones cult story is crazy! Reading is fundamental. why does the media always go after rappers like Nelly, Nas, Ludacris, and David Banner the least of negative and gangster rappers. I dont get it. how can Bill continue to talk greasy about folks after teh $hit he has done and the media aired him out did Fox ever do a story on him! DAMN

  4. Tumer Says:

    “KOOL AID DRINKING ZOMBIES!” WTF!!! How do you Americans live with that shit!

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