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AC – Incredible Freestyle

I might have to jump on this beat myself.

Let me stop.

AC – Incredible Freestyle

And here’s one from that kid Theophilus London for good measure.

Previously: Skyzoo – Incredible Freestyle

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6 Responses to “AC – Incredible Freestyle”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    Let me stop.

    ^Bloggers can’t rap.

  2. yaboy Says:

    456, why you hate on everyone who has ever taken a shot @ jay?

  3. RIGZ Says:

    Wha Gwarn in Nahland?

  4. eskay Says:

    rappers can’t blog.

  5. Fundamental Says:

    1. Let’s see how long it takes for somebody to rhyme ‘incredible’ with ‘ineffable’

    2. This beat is garbahj

    3. Why are people jumping on playskool beats all of the sudden like it’s muh-fuckin Kick In The Door?

  6. DJ Cable Says:

    This beat bangs….How did I sleep on this?!

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