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Video: Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul

Ha, this is ill. Not to be confused with ?uestlove’s take.

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15 Responses to “Video: Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”

  1. nation Says:

    I need a Youtube of this

  2. nessnice Says:


  3. E. Tiggidy Says:

    Twas indeed dope

  4. plug Says:

    return of stinkmeaner. classic



  5. Adi Borrowitz Says:

    SO FUCKING DOPE …….she should have pulled a placenta out or some shit…………

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  6. Mr.E Says:

    that was BONK-AIRES[!]
    so fucking simple, yet so fucking different…Genius..(No gza)

  7. Adi Borrowitz Says:


    ^^ Chingo Bling Looking Boy

  8. Adi Borrowitz Says:


    ^^ Chingo Bling A Millie murdered

  9. 123 Says:

    Video of the fucking year. Now this is a good music video.

  10. Digital Scales Says:

    goood shit

  11. Becca Says:

    i just saw this on the best week ever blog. nice video.

  12. that guy Says:

    best video i seen this year.

  13. steelzkitchen Says:

    sicker than shawty lo…

  14. Sky2G Says:

    Awesome! Vid of the year!

  15. Jerz! Says:

    shit was illllllll, that and the bjork video or the best joints I’ve seen in a long time

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