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Video: DJ Khaled – Out Here Grinding

Featuring Akon, Ace, Trick Daddy, Boosie, Lil Wayne Young Jeezy, Plies, Rick Ross.

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21 Responses to “Video: DJ Khaled – Out Here Grinding”

  1. G7 Says:

    eight dudes out there grinding?? ayo!!

  2. frank lee speakin Says:

    rick ross and akon have ruined the chance of these niggaz being even remotely believable. (except trick daddy)

  3. that guy Says:

    wasted 4:01 minutes of my life. damn u khaled.

  4. joshton Says:

    was jeezy even on this?

  5. G7 Says:

    lol! Khaled makes the worst posse tracks ever. joints are practically unlistenable.

  6. Most_Incredible! Says:

    We the besssss dude is annoying as fuck at times I prefer a good track ruining DJ KaySlay scream attack over Khaleds adlibs

  7. ALBINO Says:

    DJ Khaled is useless.

  8. MiamiDaze Says:

    Khaled ur the worst. How many 1’s did he have to shine for Joey.

  9. BLuHaZe Says:

    nope, no Jeezy

  10. Nica Says:

    this shit not the same without wayne or jeezy

    khaled dropped the ball… video effects ass

  11. Maurice Garland Says:


  12. Mr.E Says:

    its like the same song over and over again (No nelly & tim mcgraw)

  13. lea Says:

    wheres jeezy?

  14. BMUSE Says:

    they need to sell some of those chains and spend some more money on a better video. that was laughable. this track was garbage

  15. Tumer Says:

    who actually listens to this shit? Shits terrible. WTF does Khaled even do?

  16. Bioxide Says:

    Wow….. pure garbage. I’m embarrassed to say I stay in the 305.

  17. Absent Says:

    that scene with him in the car “moving” kills me. Green screen gangsters 4 reaaalzzzz

  18. mcarroll4716 Says:

    This song wasn’t good to begin with before they went and made a video for it. I’d rather watch the video for Cash Flow (which is a better song) than this ish.

    “I still know how to blog a diabetic and all”

    Jeezy’s first two verses on Put On > This entire track

    ….which is not setting the bar too high.

  19. whowhatwhenwherewhy Says:

    GARBEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is this all the fake ass dudes got together to lie on another track?(except for trick daddy)

  20. Styles Says:

    FYI all the fake ass dudes in that video realised trick daddy was not a fake ass dude like them – so they made sure there was a hurricane right behind his ass (no mccain) coz they figured , that’ll make him not look fake ass!

    ps: dj khaled’s voice > lil wayne’s

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    […] I thought Jeezy was on this, not Wayne? That’s kinda reminiscent of the time Jeezy came out of nowhere and replaced Wayne on that Khaled lovefest. […]

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