Video: DJ Envy @ Funkmaster flex Car Show

Previously: Backstage @ The Funkmaster Flex Car Show

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6 Responses to “Video: DJ Envy @ Funkmaster flex Car Show”

  1. BKScribe Says:

    # BKScribe Says:
    July 22nd, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    and i stand by the statement Nastradamus… while sucking in comparison to his other releases… has a few gems that would be relevant and hot today..

    such as..

  2. Brodie Says:

    yeah that nas joint was hot and so was the joints with mobb deep and ronald isley


    nostradamus > nastradoomus > nastradamus

  4. lea Says:

    the 6 rings are the UGLIEST J’s ive seen! why dont these shoe companies let the ordinary shoe STAN design a shoe! is it me or is Envy just fake or is it the fact he talks greasy at times and was part of the Tsunami fiasco, and his baby moms is Asian! maybe its just me

  5. Scrap Says:

    @lea, not its not just you, and i just googled those 6 rings, and i kind of felt like punching the screen, i was never really into jordans but by golly those are hideous

  6. embark Says:

    1. six rings = basura
    2. The Jail track on nastradamus >>>
    3. nastradooms > nastradamus
    4. Envy been terry cloth

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