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Ludacris – Put On Freestyle

Mr. Bridges puts on for his city.

Ludacris – Put On Freestyle

Ludacris – Been Puttin’ On [Dirty/NO DJ]

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9 Responses to “Ludacris – Put On Freestyle”

  1. blaze22 Says:


  2. pockets Says:

    even tho i am suspicious of the drinking water, P’s reasoning that since they use the element flouride in napalm then its a poison when in water is false. flouride is an element, and the only thing that distinguishes it from other elements is the number of protons it has. flouride forms complex molecules by bonding with other elements and just because one compound is found in napalm, it doesnt mean its the same compound thats in water. shiet…carbon is in everything on this earth.


  3. Charles Oakley Says:


  4. blaze22 Says:

    Pockets I wouldn’t take anything P is saying as having any substance. Dude probably didn’t even graduate middle school.

  5. Charles Oakley Says:


  6. Charles Oakley Says:

    Cajmere – It’s Time For The Perculator

  7. Charles Oakley Says:

    Camp Lo – Luchini (This Is It)

  8. BOOOOON Says:


    luda had the whole chamillionaire thing going on wit this song. you know where you try to fit too many words in a sentence.


    step it up luda

  9. Mr.Londoner Says:



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