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A Tribe Called Quest – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle


A vintage freestyle session from ’96. Hopefully that Q-Tip x Alife shirt means that Tip is starting up promo for The Renaissance, and we’ll have another one of these “a decade later” moments.

A Tribe Called Quest – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle (1996)

Lifted from Grandgood.

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4 Responses to “A Tribe Called Quest – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle”

  1. PHOENIXXX Says:

    niggas look the black kids that sat in the back of the lunch room trying to fin with the Goth niggas lmao


    Yo, who let their grandpa on stage?

  3. Casey Says:

    ZShare is down

  4. Deano Says:

    One of the most underrated MCs, Phife, he is a freestyle menace. Well, this was when cats use to freestyle. Now they write before they come to studios, talkin’ bout off the top. I heard RZA the other day on that AOL and felt ashame for RZA.

    Where are the true freestylers like, Phife-diggy? Now they don’t write their lines on paper, which has contributed to the BULLISH you hear on the radio everyday. Jay, Common and Kanye are the reason for this bull. A freestyle now-a-days, you have to be shootin’ somebody.

    Kids are now following every words of these bastids and talking bout they don’t write lyrics down. No wonder their catalogs get shittier everyday.

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