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Vintage Video: Pre-Illmatic VMB Nas Interview

“I been in this for years, nahimean?”

Props to MOD

See also: Footage from the Video Music Box 25th Anniversary @ Central Park Summer Stage

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8 Responses to “Vintage Video: Pre-Illmatic VMB Nas Interview”

  1. pockets Says:

    i cant watch or do anything that doesnt have to do with the Dark Knight


    U Loose ^. Pussyface.

  3. Ghost Writer Says:

    Yo Nas been talkin in slow mo……I would hate to hear a voice mail from this cat…..

  4. Joe 88 Says:

    Nas looks really fucked up on this footage. The way a young artist suppose to look in those days

  5. prince Says:

    yo nas was a lil dude who could have forseen he would put on the Ni**er album which is so classic on another level

  6. big filth Says:

    that was a dope clip! I dont think I have ever seen him that far back before. he looked mad young.

  7. gr3um5 Says:

    http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1591198/20080718/nas.jhtml BIGBANGtvNEWS
    so lost tape 2 (or reedition of Untitled) with ‘leftovers, unreleased tracks & sh!t’ this winter…
    2009 Nas-Primo [Album] or just the conception…
    2009 Dr Dre Detox [Album]… The Aftermath (maybe the third revolution in hiphop)
    i say in term of sounds…it’s evidence!
    2010 Nas-Dre [Album] or just the conception…
    if Nas wanna really dropped the two whole disc
    together … 2011 & Heaven !
    bUt Greums says : Esco Let’s Go ..!

  8. PD Says:

    Why is jungle rockin a minor light on his head…

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