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Video: DMX Arrested AGAIN For Identity Theft

X was picked up in a Phoenix mall yesterday afternoon on a warrant related to this investigation.

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17 Responses to “Video: DMX Arrested AGAIN For Identity Theft”

  1. Plug Says:

    get my lake in the front…


    …and dont forget my river in the back…


  2. G7 Says:

    i can’t remember the last time there was good news involving X. he just keeps slippin’.

  3. Plug Says:

    … and dont forget my exotic J’s


    Shoutouts to God!!! Thru him all things are possible!!!

  4. Tumer Says:

    X-is comin… for ya credit card and social security number… WTF!??

  5. cameo Says:

    muhfucka scare ME tho… nothin worse than an unstable, unpredictable, sociopathic, former multimillionaire violent crackhead.

  6. B.Payton Says:

    They tryna kill this nigga. slowly but surely end his life.

  7. Victory Says:

    How many times has he been arrested since he’s been famous? He’s setting records. He got arrested like 4 times in ONE DAY 2 weeks ago. WOW!

  8. PW Says:

    At least he isnt looking like a junkie…..those mug shots they keep showing look terrible.

  9. vagabond Says:

    where can i get a ghetto popeye t-shirt?

  10. MES Says:

    this man this some help maybe X need a 5 year bid maybe that will get him to wake up,homie is out of control

  11. MES Says:

    *this man needs*

  12. MES Says:

    *this man needs*

  13. MES Says:

    *this man needs*

  14. The No Gooder Says:

    Ironic. The reporters name is boomer. That was DMX’s dogs name.


    I’m like, where’s that new movie? Where’s that album? That clothing line?

    You mean to tell me this dude is just effing up for the eff of it? There’s nothing being promoted here? Nothing about to drop?

    What a waste of a rap sheet.

  16. Dr Flav Says:

    smh @ fools wishing a man to go to prison for “therapeutic reasons.” He bogus for the hospital scam yeah, but could it be possible that his celebrity has made him a target to be scrutinized by the cops or does that ever happen? Regular people dont ever get caught at the spot trying to cop a bag or pulled over with a suspended license. Right? RIGHT! Give him a 5 year bid huh? Great job Judge.

  17. Beezy Says:

    “Whats up with DMX I hope dude aight…” Joe Budden

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