Lil Wayne – Real Rap [No DJ]


Lil Wayne – Real Rap [No DJ]

Props to Mr. X.

Previously: Lil Wayne – Real Rap/Mr. Carter (Alternative Verse) [DJ]

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25 Responses to “Lil Wayne – Real Rap [No DJ]”

  1. Just.... Says:


  2. Just.... Says:

    2 30 second joe budden snippets > a whole lil wayne track.

  3. nation Says:

    ^ I’m saying

    although, Hustler Muzik Weezy is postworthy, not Hurricane Chris/Weezy

  4. A.M. Kush Says:

    ehhh i dunno… dwayne bores me. i miss the carter two. everybody slept on that shit

  5. wwddae Says:

    man…i miss drought 3

  6. pockets Says:

    wow are u kidding me, he decides to rap like hustler muzik again and this track didnt make the album…i still think hes fag but this track > c3

    i still wont download tho

  7. pockets Says:

    lol this guy is some kind of a martian or something

  8. Mr.Rogers Says:

    This is “Cry Out” to a new beat….and I say “Cry Out” > This beat > Carter 3….it use to be on streetrunners myspace, might still be there

  9. Mr.Rogers Says:

    still is….….last track in the player

  10. nation Says:

    Dedication 2 was good too

  11. wwddae Says:

    drought 3 was his prime..i dont think you can argue about that. he murdered every track. this track bores me

  12. embark Says:

    Well if were keeping score:

    “The Leak” > c3

  13. wwddae Says:

    ^^without a doubt

  14. Frank Dolla Says:

    just for the record.. this verse is from his Best (and most slept on) mixtape Lil weezyana Vol. 1 (hosted by Raj Smoov) the track is called “amen” and im pretty sure this is just an acapella new beat type thing… well anyways
    Lil weezyana Vol. 1>Carter 1>Drought 3>C3

  15. nation Says:

    >> i dont think you can argue about that.

    I think his rapping prime was post-Carter II around Dedication 2. then came all the Carter III fuckery, with all the leaks and all the mixtapes, and they were cool but it was like a dog shaking the piss off his leg when he’s done with the tree

  16. Sean Coonery Says:

    ^you gets no pussy nation

  17. alchaos Says:

    this old wit new beat

  18. C lo 3O5 Says:

    the original with the other beat is better…real rap lost ones flow from the lil weezyana tape i think

  19. wwddae Says:

    and what the fuck is with this t-wayne thing???? i swear weezy is demolishing his career. all his future projects are gonna be really disappointing except for dedication 3. i cant wait for that.

  20. that guy Says:

    i think im tired of this dude

  21. Charles Oakley Says:

    C3 was good, no doubt. However, when you call yourself the greatest alive you open yourself to criticism; not to mention being held to a nearly impossible to reach standard. I still listen to Dedication 1, C2, Drought 3, and Weezyana though.

  22. jfoxgotraps Says:


  23. Z Says:

    “Stuck in the hood, like they poured semen on us.”

    Kinda gay Weezy … kinda gay.

  24. Ya Maw Says:

    You fags need some dick in your life. Stop the hatred!

    Pointers on assessing wayne or any other southern rapper: Stop wishing you were a rich, famous rapper and imagine if you actually were succesful at something… then imagine being succesful at 25 or 17… then imagine being Black and successful at 25 or 17 from a poor background in materialistic, sick, twisted ass America… then imagine if you actually worked your ass off for what you got… then imagine you weren’t gay… then imagine what you might put out… then assess a nigga.

    Then get off the computer and make something better if you can… if not find somebody better.

    I hate all yall. Especially “Eskay” who said wayne would be dead before he put out carter III

  25. Ill E Says:

    ^ it sounded like he said stuck like ‘they poured “cement” ‘ (but pronounced the word a different u know he does that alot)

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