Video: The Game ft. Travis Barker – Dope Boys (Behind The Scenes)

Previously: The Game feat. Travis Barker – Dope Boys (Official Unofficial Video) | The Game – Dope Boys (Audio)

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32 Responses to “Video: The Game ft. Travis Barker – Dope Boys (Behind The Scenes)”

  1. the hyphy movement Says:


  2. nation Says:

  3. rex hussla Says:

    what about Cheney and Halliburton…

  4. Latarian Milton Says:

    17th post on the fucking game + travis barker song = FAIL

  5. Latarian Milton Says:

    pockets Says:

    July 18th, 2008 at 5:00 pm
    its like “The Cool” has no soul … like its lifeless and mechanical

    ^u dickhead…



    pockets comments > _______________

  6. pockets Says:

    waddup chea

  7. pockets Says:

    the hyphy movement Says:

    ^lol cornball

  8. nation Says:

    how’s it going brosefs

  9. Latarian Milton Says:

    pock as-sallamu alaikum

  10. rex hussla Says:

    nation are those good beach pics or bad beach pics? I need to check that out when I get home.

  11. nation Says:

    salami bacon chea

    yo since you and pockets are both present, can you please explain to me what’s so dope about The Cool. I haven’t heard it all the way through yet, but I am directing myself to Streets on Fire and Little Weapon right now

  12. pockets Says:

    W.A.A. chea, nayshe sup broski

    *rocafella sign*

  13. pockets Says:

    I haven’t heard it all the way through yet,

    ^ok first off ur a dick…now that thats out of the way ill let chea explain the Cool.

  14. nation Says:

    yo chea if you’re tryna lose weight whilst eating, just sink everything you eat in olive oil… that zeytoon does the trick for the body

  15. rex hussla Says:

    nation do you do graphic design?

  16. rex hussla Says:

    A 25-year-old woman in New York City is suing the designer of an anti-Barack Obama t-shirt after she was assaulted while wearing one of his controversial t-shirts.

    The woman, who has not been identified, purchased a shirt with the words “Obama is My Slave” shirt for $69. While wearing the shirt this past Tuesday, she was assaulted by four girls, who pushed her down, pulled out her earphones, and spit in her face according to the New York Metro News.

    Apollo Braun—the Israeli born designer who made the shirt—is now saying the victim of the attack is trying to sue him for “all he’s got.”
    Braun claims that his designs reflect the views of “ordinary WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants).”

    “For a lot of people, when they see Obama, they see a slave. People think America is not ready for a black president,” Braun told Metro.
    In addition to the “Obama Is My Slave” tee, Braun has also designed shirts with the following slogans: “Jews Against Obama,” “Obama=Hitler,” and “Who Killed Obama?”

    The latter shirt, Braun says, is the most popular.
    Braun says the only thing he likes about Obama is that he’s black because his ethnicity “opens the door for minorities.” He also says he doesn’t like Obama because “he is a Muslim” and “he reminds me of Adolf Hitler.”
    The Muslim rumor has already been debunked.

    What a fucking idiot

  17. ODEMIC Says:

    rex hussla Says:
    July 18th, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    and “he reminds me of Adolf Hitler.”

    He’s the hitler. he’s inciting hate just because…

  18. Latarian Milton Says:

    nation Says:

    July 18th, 2008 at 7:36 pm
    salami bacon chea

    yo since you and pockets are both present, can you please explain to me what’s so dope about The Cool. I haven’t heard it all the way through yet, but I am directing myself to Streets on Fire and Little Weapon right now


    aw man maybe i’ll do a track-by-track breakdown one of these days but for now here goes:

    baba says cool for thoughi

    i’ll skip. i fux with spoken herb but some people don’t. this is pretty ill for a intro.

    free chilly

    same message as always. google charles “chilly” patton and you’ll get the story. he is a smart black dude who tried to build an empire. he saw lu’s genius and supported him. so this is FNF going in plus it’s a nice platform for gem to showcase his singing ability. i think dude merks it

    go go gadget flow

    lu merked the fuck out a crucial conflict beat back on one of the farenehit mixtapes. he took a line from that lessondary freestyle and made a song out of it. basically says yes i dress like a hypebeast but don’t think i can’t twist better than anybody. beat is sort of timbo-ish but damn catchy. i play the shit out of this song

    the coolest

    this shit lays out the whole story line. brings you into the whole world of the concept of the album. ill wordplay, simple beat. this is not so much a “banger” as it is just a real ill example of lupe’s story-telling ability and his way of weaving a plot like a movie. this is lupe saying “ghostface, i’ll raise you one holmes” (ok i’m going to get lynched for saying that — no nyoil — but yes i think lu tells a story as good as anyone)


    what can be said about this song that hasn’t already been said. everybody from north to south felt this shit, hence tip and jeezy asking lu to do a rmx and then dropping crazy verses. santos kills it, he’s a real dude from chicago (studied at depaul) who just knows how to mesh a ill rock sound with hip-hop. the song is ostensibly about waiting outside a club but it’s really about waiting to get into heaven, but it’s open to many interps.

    paris, tokyo

    this is a real crazy record where lu flips a old school west coast flow and just tells a real dope story about his travels and being an international dude. this record reminded me of the CRS record. but he’s saying instead of letting the traveling blow my head up, i’m still discovering new shit and telling stories about it. plus it has the element of a love song. just a real ill record to groove to b4 hi def comes on and blows ur speakers up

    hi def

    aw man what can be said about this song. first the beat is bananas, the electric guitars are sicko. lu’s verses are so rewindable it’s bananas. i can listen to this 50 times on repeat. “i came up out the belly like a hype script” — i mean i’m still discovering new shit on these verses that are ill

    ok sorry to get my ty biggums on, more to come later tho

    p.s. yes olive oil is ill

    p.p.s. damn that apollo braun dude is disgusting smh

  19. pockets Says:

    yo ill take it from here chea

  20. Latarian Milton Says:

    pockets Says:

    July 18th, 2008 at 8:24 pm
    yo ill take it from here chea


    just do it (c) nike

  21. Latarian Milton Says:

    just don it (c) yeezy’s boyf

  22. Latarian Milton Says:

    just Quar’an it (c) islam

  23. Latarian Milton Says:

    just do it

    just jew it (c) chea

  24. Latarian Milton Says:

    just chew it (c) wrigley’s

  25. Latarian Milton Says:

    just blu it (c) fux

  26. Latarian Milton Says:

    just knew it (c) being smart

  27. farsideoff Says: and

    I don’t understand how some people can take these views.

  28. Latarian Milton Says:

    @ farsideoff damn look what they said re: muslims smh

  29. sleep Says:


  30. Plug Says:

    Power and longevity allow me to stunt
    On the beach,
    they put me on the beach
    Soakin’ up the Sun chargin’ up my batteries

  31. nation Says:

    where’s 911

    [E-BOOK] How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Assets, Your Identity, And Your Life

  32. pockets Says:

    nation lemme get the e-book…also do u have other e-books and where the hell u get e-books from

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