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Devin The Dude Interview w/ The Carey Sisters


Devin speaks with lovely Carey Sisters and spits a little freestyle.

Devin The Dude Interview w/ The Carey Sisters

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3 Responses to “Devin The Dude Interview w/ The Carey Sisters”

  1. PW Says:

    Sittin infront of the ride…drankin and smoking some weed
    checkin out the bitcheess….tryna see what i can see
    I didnt know that there was so many hoes round here
    they got a parkin lot full…
    and ill be checkin out the bitchesss… tryna see what i can pull..

    Devin is that dude.

  2. embark Says:

    you aint neva lied…
    My favorite artist bar none

  3. pro-bid Says:

    Niggaz won’t appreciate Devin until he’s dead…He’s one of the better rap ARTISTS of today but he’s always been the underdog…I really think it’s cool that he doesn’t give a fuck about it either…

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