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Strong Arm Steady – Can’t Let Go


Here’s the first new single off SAS’s upcoming album on Blacksmith Records, Arms & Hammers. Produced by DJ Khalil.

Strong Arm Steady – Can’t Let Go

Props to Tunji

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11 Responses to “Strong Arm Steady – Can’t Let Go”

  1. The-XFacta Says:

    Crack Baby’s >Boosie

  2. Boosie Says:

    Market cap US$ 259.75 Billion (2007)
    Revenue ▲ US$ 51.122 Billion (2007)[6]
    Operating income ▲ US$ 18.524 Billion (2007)[6]
    Net income ▲ US$ 14.065 Billion (2007)[6]
    Total assets ▼ US$ 63.171 Billion (2007)
    Total equity ▼ US$ 31.097 Billion (2007)

    anyone care to guess which company this is?

  3. Boosie Says:

    existentialism>x facta

  4. Boosie Says:

    exuberating low self esteem>x facta looking like mr. clean

  5. buddyholly Says:

    Is that an albino looking ass nigga in the back?…

    let me find out we got albino rappers in the game

  6. Boosie Says:

    d 字般知道 d 字般知道 … 我是得到得到理解 ….. yeaaahhhh

  7. dbo Says:

    this song is fuckin fire….beat is ridic!!!! SAS has been puttin out good music for a whie. DJ Khalil did it on this one…WOW

  8. Tony Blair Says:

    Sorry, the record was NO produced by DJ Khalil – it was produced by LA based producer Blaqtoven – his company is “Heat Chamberz” productions which was shouted out at the beginning of the track..

    Get Ya Barz Up…

  9. dbo Says:

    i dont care who it is….the beat is redic. SAS dudes are slept on….im lookin forward to this album. Deep hearted was a very good debut and i expect arms and hammers to be even better.

  10. Mr92503 Says:

    good shit.

    SAS is/was/and will be the shit … do your history folks.

  11. kardee Says:

    im mad they threw the albino nigga aaaaall the way in the back

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