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Video: Common Interview w/ Tim Westwood

Previously: DJ Semtex Previews Common’s Invincible Summer

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17 Responses to “Video: Common Interview w/ Tim Westwood”

  1. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    Interview with Tim Westwood/I used to be on section 8 now my section is good(c) NORE

  2. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    off to the crib I go…


  3. G7 Says:

    looking forward to Invisible Summer

  4. rex hussla Says:

    Fux you know that Common is playing a free show Sat. Aug 25(?) at Petco right!?!?

  5. sleep Says:

    Somebody stole my digital camera fuck

  6. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    Ya Rex was it you who told me??

  7. yaboy Says:


    Here’s a preview from LINDSAY LOHAN’s new clothing line.

    She calls these leggings the Mr. President.

    What kind of work could MONICA LEWINSKY have put in wearing a pair of these?


  8. digital scales Says:

    that hell rell ‘get ready’ is fucking tough

  9. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    On July 4, 2008, my guy and I decided some KFC extra crispy was in order, so we visited our local store. Now, every time we’d tried to order there in the past, there was always something wrong. Either they didn’t have any extra crispy at all or they were out of biscuits— lack of preparation it seems to me. I convinced my guy that this time it would be error-free. I was so, so wrong.

    After ordering our meal and driving to the window, we were informed that lo and behold, they were out of certain cuts of extra crispy (thighs and legs I think). But, the manager on duty was quick to supply extra pieces of original as compensation. Cool. At home we discovered there were no biscuits. We were both starving, but since we lived so close to the joint I thought we could just drive though with our receipt, get what we paid for, then go and eat.

    At any other establishment, we could have done just that, but this guy was unprofessional and irrational and would not give us the biscuits. At no time did he ever concede that his crew could have made a mistake. He insisted they “remembered” our order and had given us the biscuits. He was rude and tried to make sarcastic comments like, “Your chicken’s getting cold.” What does that even mean?! Of course I would rather be at home eating it, you jerk. He told us we could have other people at home that we’re trying to get biscuits for and that we would be surprised at how many people come through there looking for freebies. Proper customer service does not include telling irate customers they are wrong, simply because others are liars. Besides, the way we were treated those people were most likely telling the truth! Anyway, we refused to leave without what we paid for, he ignored us, customers were leaving the drive thru, we were yelling, “We want our biscuits”— it was ridiculous, man

    ^^^^^^^ Sounds like a fat ass bitch who wanted some biscuits and then her fat ass wrote a letter

  10. blaze22 Says:

    # yaboy Says:
    July 16th, 2008 at 6:05 pm


    Here’s a preview from LINDSAY LOHAN’s new clothing line.

    She calls these leggings the Mr. President.

    What kind of work could MONICA LEWINSKY have put in wearing a pair of these?



    bitches should never be allowed to wear those fucking things

  11. digital scales Says:

    ima cop yo bitch a pair of those mr president leggings

  12. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    Who writes complaint letters?? Fat ugly bitches do!!!!

  13. Mac Brown Says:

    KFC will have a nigga shitin chocolate milk!

  14. RIGZ Says:

    Those leggings are designed for drunk/drugged girls that have lost their sense of balance…

    …and blowjob queens

  15. RIGZ Says:



  16. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    “It’s been a tough hop for this caravan of sales crews, though. Winding their way down from California, they lost a few agents. Two were arrested in Albuquerque after they allegedly forced their way into the home of an elderly couple and beat them to death, raping the wife first. A few weeks later, another agent allegedly raped a woman in Claremont, California, so he got picked up, too.”
    “In the eight months the Press investigated door-to-door magazine sales across the country, the industry has seen at least three murders, one rape, two attempted rapes, one stabbing, one attempted murder, one vehicle fatality and one attempted abduction of a 13-year-old girl.”
    Crystal Mathahy (pictured), a 17-year-old in Texas, got recruited to join a magazine crew. An older cousin signed a “permission slip” for her to participate, since her mom was illiterate. She didn’t make enough money to eat, and tried to leave the crew, but couldn’t afford a Greyhound ticket. Shortly after, the crew’s van plunged 80 feet off the side of a mountain, crushing Mathahy to death.
    “[In] Houston in 2005, a sales agent raped a 17-year-old mentally retarded girl who answered the door of the apartment she shared with her mother. To gain her confidence, that agent acted as if he had a disability as well”

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