Joell Ortiz – Purple Tape Tribute

Joell got the Nas co-sign earlier today, and hip hop definitely isn’t dead with this guy spitting, especially with this kind of songs. But it irks me that people will stay making tributes, like with A Tribe Called Quest or whichever successful/dope hip hop act, especially when they have enough talent to have their own creativity. I can’t complain because even this is quite creative.

Joell Ortiz – Purple Tape Tribute

Thanks to Mr. X.

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One Response to “Joell Ortiz – Purple Tape Tribute”

  1. Tumer Says:

    Timeless shit…Damn quiet round here…
    This the only way I can avoid moderation Eskay? While you nahggers sleepin?
    ah well, another vodka it is then.

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