Nas – Like Me (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)


Nas – Like Me (UK Bonus Track) (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)

The good man in me say “get money and stay on the path”
But the pimp shit in me say “yo, keep lookin’ for ass”

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11 Responses to “Nas – Like Me (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)”

  1. p Says:

    eskay lost

  2. LoSo Says:

    This shit is fuego!!!!

  3. pockets Says:

    is it black girl lost or something something

  4. Culture Shock! Says:

    that 2nd verse was serious…

  5. SB Says:

    who’s fuckin wit nas? i mean seriously. who’s making songs like these right now? this is some real shit. imagery, story telling, jewels, structure. and before you criticize ask yourself ‘could i do better?’ and if so, how come u ain’t blow like nas yet? riiight.

  6. p Says:

    there goes… a black mexican eskay… lost….

  7. pockets Says:

    nas is better now than when he first dropped on the scene

  8. embark Says:

    ^ uhh what?

  9. gr3um5 Says:


  10. Prince Says:

    I Cant Wait Til Carhartt And Champion Hoodie Weather.

    Songs Piff.

  11. kardee Says:

    # pockets Says:
    July 12th, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    nas is better now than when he first dropped on the scene


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