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Video: Prodigy ft. Nyce & Un Pacino – Get Trapped + I Want Out/The Doe

“I Want Out/The Doe” after the jump.

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8 Responses to “Video: Prodigy ft. Nyce & Un Pacino – Get Trapped + I Want Out/The Doe”

  1. Furiou$tylez aka Larry Splashburne aka Splashaveli Tha Con Says:

    this nigga needs to change his moinker to musicvideo P

  2. hoodPolitics Says:

    prodigy’s a disappointment.

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Furious got horrible sneaks on

  4. Absent Says:

    “I want out”‘s illlllll

  5. Kirk Says:

    that doe is more creez

  6. jersey da new new york Says:

    prodigy=fakest rapper alive,great actor,studio gangsta,knocked out the most in hip hop history,talks madd shit

    un pacino=the dude that will always have a career as a featured artist only on prodigy songs,can keep hoping that him stickin up for PUSSY P can land him at least a mixtape,broke as fuck

  7. Deano Says:

    I can always count on P to keep it hood like the 90s…this man should get an award for real. The production is gangsta as usual…da mobb always make some gangsta beats where even if ya verse weak ya still head boppin’…

  8. Deano Says:

    OHHH ish New York New York…DA MOBB…I want out…like I said gangsta…GIANt record right here circa shook ones

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