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Zo! & Tigallo – Only Human

Here’s another joint from Zo and Phonte’s 80’s cover project, Zo! & Tigallo Love The 80’s.

Zo! & Tigallo – Only Human

Original Human League video after the jump just ’cause.

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15 Responses to “Zo! & Tigallo – Only Human”

  1. DaReal Says:

    Now would u look at these niggas

  2. lo k Says:


  3. Joe 88 Says:

    please use another picture

  4. !Ven-Tech? Says:


  5. catch22 Says:


    let your soooooooul glooooooooow

  6. Boosie Says:


    Mindy Marin can SANG….I was like Damn…I thought she was about to have an orgasm the way she was singing them songs….

    But why was her face so greasy?….Looked like she just slapped pork grease on her face though…

    Even though she act crazy on the blog, I bet she a normal acting person….Every Last nigga in here would smash..and if you say you wouldn’t..you gay.

  7. Soul Clapper Says:

    Damn… Phonte biting my whole style.

    “Niggas biting offa Nas’ Soul’s shit!” (c) Purple Tape

  8. buddyholly Says:

    My enemy is the white man I DON’T SEE… I have more in common with most working middle class white people than I do with most rich black& latomp people… as much as racism bleeds America.. we need to understand that classicsm is the real issue, many of us are in the same boat and its SINKING (c) Immortal Technique

  9. jaydon the don Says:

    the 80s were wild homo, b

  10. G7 Says:

    should be a funny album, possibly on some Weirld Al ish.

  11. pro-bid Says:

    Wow niggas are sooooo fucking LAME in the 2000’s…..There are no trendsetters anymore. Gotta go BAAAACK to the fucking 80’s and bite they shit….NOT ONE MUTHAFUCKA WAS DOING THAT IN THE 90’S!

    I just got back from NY and the niggaz there are fucking wilin’. Either they spinnin off Kanye, Jigga, or Jimmy or their a retro looking nigga with bright colors everywhere. lol shits crazy. STREET SHIT IS DEFINITELY NOT IN THIS SEASON. lol

    I thought NY was supposed be the fashion CAPITOL. all im seeing is niggaz in tight jeans and neck scarfs. lol it’s all good though i ain’t mad at em. I just don’t get down like that.

  12. bkboy Says:

    Pro-bid shut your ignorant ass up…take your FUBU wearing ass back to Nebraska! lol Stay the fuck out of NYC! Everybody don’t want to always here that gangster shit….

    *Katt Williams-“You gang banging on breakfast nigga?”

    and aint Phonte from North Carolina???

    Ya we got some retro dressing folks in NYC…but we got some fine ass bitches:)

    *I downloaded just for the artwork….funny

  13. Alboogie7 Says:

    when is this album coming out and where can we get it?

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