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Video: Ice-T Dissing Soulja Boy Last Year

“If he don’t like it, I’ll punch him in his face”

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16 Responses to “Video: Ice-T Dissing Soulja Boy Last Year”

  1. wordsmith Says:

    Go on ole head.

  2. Plug Says:

    Ice T talks to the cops… I seen it on Law and order…

  3. ODEMIC Says:

    # PHOENIXXX Says:
    July 7th, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    Ice Cube coming to NY in september

    I’m there


    *commissioner of police orders supplementary riot gear*

  4. Plug Says:

    lol. he makes good points…

    *bends corner*

  5. PHOENIXXX Says:

    here he go again attacking Soulja Boy (and now Lil Mama)

    kids. for making kids’ records

    yet and still niggas like Shawty Lo get a pass

    fuck outta here

  6. blaze22 Says:

    Fuck Ice-T.

    Dude has tons of money and is married to a stripper. SMH

  7. PHOENIXXX Says:

    landLORD got pictures of Ice T on his wall blown up, with Coco X’d out, right next to a wallet-sized picture of Cappadona

  8. 123 Says:

    Ice T is a faggot, so is Soulja Boy both of ’em just need to shut the fuck up. Sound like bitches in middle school.

  9. Becca Says:

    Detective Olafin Tutuloa needs to shut the FUK UP!!!

  10. goodtimes Says:

    someone people just don’t see its a 2007 video i guess….

  11. Marcus X Says:

    @ 123
    @ Becca
    @ blaze22

    Yo dude eat a dick. Seriously. Ice-T has legit reason to sound-off (chin check) on these young punks…comes with the territory. It’s like having some new kid on the block come through and take yo shit from you…what you gone do? You ain’t gotta ride on his ass but you betta let em know the shit ain’t sweet on the block. In other words, bitch step your game up. Bubble gum is bubble gum. Soldier boy still trying to sag his pants and dressing like phuckin TLC (RIP Lefteye Lopez)…he bit the shit outta LeftEye’s style (Sunglasses)…ya’ll fools for even co-signing that bullshit. Kill ya’ll selves.

    Do the math…phucks!

  12. MES Says:

    these ole heads need to give it up

  13. saul goode Says:

    Marcus X needs to stop watching The Wire reruns on BET. It’s not that serious.

  14. +1 Says:

    my lip gloss be poppin… get the fuck outta here

  15. +1 Says:

    my lip gloss be poppin… get the fuck outta here

  16. Mr.Londoner Says:

    lawlz.. ice t needs a reality tv show..

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