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Video: Boot Camp Clik Interview w/ G.I.N.TV

Spotted at SUN

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9 Responses to “Video: Boot Camp Clik Interview w/ G.I.N.TV”

  1. p Says:

    shit piss fuck

  2. p Says:

    BCC sucks cock, why do they get so much attention on this site?

  3. p Says:

    eskay, are you a mexican?

  4. p Says:

    i always picture you as a really short mexican or latino guy with a big dumb new era fit and some of those half-pant-half-short jeans, and like… i stupid tshirt with some gay scarface graphic on it or something….

  5. p Says:

    and maybe some all-white nikes that cost like 300 bucks for some stupid reason.

  6. eskay Says:

    your moms

  7. p Says:

    u totally just caught feelings.

  8. p Says:

    and posted that ras kass song to bump this down…

  9. Deano Says:

    Damn, the bootcamp days, them days was the ish. Yo nahright, that lounge the click in front of was the spot back in the 90s,’Den of Thieves’/LES (damn LES mofos stole my Y3 scarf my japanese girl bought me).

    They had this ill Halloween party up in some loft over in Flatiron district back in 97. I hope you yougstas know the Black Moon debut is a classic.

    Buckshot went in on that..everybody waan die but nobody…they gave my people a lot of respect on that album and it was done perfectly….my 2cents

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