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Onyx – Never Going Back


Well would you look at who’s putting out new music. These guys catch a shitstorm of flack for the whole studio gangster thing, but I have a bunch of great memories scored by their first three albums.

Onyx – Never Going Back

via Mr. X and St. Laz

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6 Responses to “Onyx – Never Going Back”

  1. PHOENIXXX Says:

    and you thought Hell Rell was ugly

    these niggas look like the monsters from I Am Legend

  2. eskay Says:

    >>these niggas look like the monsters from I Am Legend

    *do not resuscitate*

  3. ODEMIC Says:

    the script of Hancock = a monster from I Am Legend

  4. ian Says:

    First three albums?? I guess I never made it past the first one with “Throw Ya Gunz,” “Slam” and “Next N-guz…” although I vaguely remember a video set in a hockey arena a few years back, LOL…

  5. jackNASTY Says:

    bacdafucup – onyx is here!

  6. SoulnoS Says:

    I could have swore freedo was dead. Dude, use to hang around rockaway BLVD. Guess I mixed him up with someone else.

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