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?uestlove Covers Remix Magazine


via OKP

Bonus: Dan has a K-Salaam & Beatnick remix of Resurrection &, more importantly, Mos Def performing Stakes Is High, live.

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24 Responses to “?uestlove Covers Remix Magazine”

  1. chea Says:

    the coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  2. Donnie Says:

    Gotta love the afro pick look.

  3. chea Says:

    smfh @ “a tribe with a quest”

    if everyone likes tribe so much i want to see them drop a album on koch so the shit flops (c) ghost-dini

    fucking hipsters make me wanna set myself on fire

  4. blahk duppy Says:

    Gotta love the afro pick look.

    ^no I dont.

  5. sleep Says:

    Does this guys sell ur mag by being on the cover

  6. chea Says:

    *eats baked ziti*

  7. Plug Says:

    *zones out*


  8. blahk duppy Says:

    ““We strongly urge you to cancel your plans to perform in Israel’

    ^that sounds threatening almost.

  9. chea Says:


    FIRE. supposedly only dropped in NY today.

  10. sleep Says:

    I had a becks for this first time yesterday that shit wasn’t bad

  11. blahk duppy Says:


    zone out

  12. sleep Says:

    Palestine group»»»crips

  13. chea Says:

    sleep Says:

    July 3rd, 2008 at 3:16 pm
    Palestine group»»»crips


    *blank stare*…but…*co-sigs*

  14. chea Says:

    *gets worried that my jordans might become worthless like beanie babies…on the low*

  15. eskay Says:

    >>if everyone likes tribe so much i want to see them drop a album on koch so the shit flops (c) ghost-dini

    what the fuck are you on about? are you questioning ATCQ’s legendary status? and what the fuck do hipsters have to do with anything?

  16. blahk duppy Says:

    Nas is king of subliminals

    “you got a house in Virginia, the only way you sicker than us, getting bagged with 22’s (cam) no youse the ridiculous fuck. No need for the gun play cause you dying anyway.”

  17. chea Says:

    maksh don’t talk maksh let the fif shteam
    coo doo bee bee boop with the sixsh shcreens
    loo doo bee bee boo with the enf beam
    boo you see what we do with the fendi (?)

    max b is tight because even when he’s rapping jibberish it sound wavy

    *surfs silverly*

  18. Mark Twain Fame Says:


  19. blahk duppy Says:

    *currently listening to pussy kills*

    pussy killed me when I was born.

    ^that intro >>>

  20. sleep Says:

    Shout out to my personal tranner no homo

  21. blahk duppy Says:

    she had your baby now you a lifer, your monkey ass wants to shoot the pimp that pipes her


    you and a baby by the broad you cant disown her yet (c) JaY

    back shots keep a nigga open, bitch will leave a nigga gun smoking (double meaning)

  22. chea Says:

    eskimo don’t get ur panties in a fucking bunch

    i was the dude almost in tears backstage at the “farewell” ATCQ tour when they stopped at georgetown begging tip and phife in person to not call this shit quits because hip-hop would be in the toilet (tell me i’m not half-right)

    i been a fan since day 1, b, don’t even question

    what i’m saying is what the fuck is up with all the retro love they’re getting. like everyone is freestyling over their beats trying to bring that sound back and they didn’t even grow up in that era. lol daytona said he had to listen to the albums just to get the tribe feel so he could flex to their beats – and he didn’t even listen to all of them! with all due respect gtfoh. then it’s just a gimmick, right?

    that’s all i’m saying. just let them live and quit co-opting and bastardizing the incredible shit they created. oh and if/when they get back together and drop a ill album, people better buy that shit. my post was probably jibberish and fuck this might be jibberish too (i’m already posting from the july 4th perspective) but i’m just saying let them cats live.

  23. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    whut you bidges talkin bout?

  24. spirit equality Says:

    in a prior post, there is a link that is supposed to go to mos def’s cover of stakes is high that instead goes to this page. what a terrible disappointment. lol.

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