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Malik Yousef – What You Made Me


Some new shit from G.O.O.D. Music with some pretty powerful bars.

Malik Yousef – What You Made Me

via Yeezy

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22 Responses to “Malik Yousef – What You Made Me”

  1. chea Says:

    the cool

  2. Paperstacker Says:

    smfh @ snoop for performing in iz-real

    n*ggas is broke these days and will do anything for that dollar bill


    smh. Snoop is broke? and secondly you think snoop gives a fuck about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. He couldn’t be bothered, this is just another show to him. He doesn’t know any better.

    *daps chea, regs*

  3. chea Says:

    eskay Says:

    July 3rd, 2008 at 3:42 pm
    >>my fucking seed can’t sleep from the noise, shit’s disgustin

    move out the hood.


    shit i meet be three blocks away from the hood but my shit ain’t hood, let’s be clear

    p.s. like it’s any better in the burbs

    p.p.s. black star is tight but their catalog doesn’t have the length/girth of tribe’s

    p.p.p.s. snoop is hurting for money if he doin that shit period

  4. sleep Says:

    eskay last album u bought since u admitted ur gonna rape nas

  5. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    blaze22 Says:

    July 3rd, 2008 at 3:49 pm
    # Mark Twain Fame Says:
    July 3rd, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    damn…dead in here…everybody is gone I guess.

    *drives to Missouri to buy firecracker*
    *throws lit black cat at MTF on way home*

    *drives to where ever the hell Blaze lives*
    *gives Blaze back the lit but not blown up black cat firecracker*

    “I dotn know shit was lit, the wick burnt up but it didnt blow up, def weird”


    *firecracker blows up in blaze’s face*

  6. chea Says:

    i’m a young boss and my tongue toss grenades


    hot line. this song is really good. chi-town up

  7. blahk duppy Says:

    *starts shit*

    fuck all the lurkers

  8. blaze22 Says:

    Snoops net worth is close to 200 Milli

  9. Paperstacker Says:

    p.p.p.s. snoop is hurting for money if he doin that shit period


    Negative..Like I said you think Snoop, let alone half these rappers are educated on the Israeli/Palestine conflict. Fuck no. You know better than that. This is another show to him. He probably didn’t have second thoughts about it. Cause he chose to do it doesn’t mean anything.

  10. chea Says:

    ok fine paper i agree

    *adjusts yamaka*

    *bucks shots @ snoop*

    *spins him around like a cinnamon bagel dradel*

  11. blahk duppy Says:

    snoop is far from being broke, and i guess the Palastines are bugging cause they thought hip hop was still music for the cause, revolutionary struggle music. They draw paralells with the plight of Ghetto blacks. Niggas been sold the culture since Public Enemy.

  12. Nanyanen Says:

    *pictures hamas’ kidnapping of The Doggfather*

    *laughs for 5 minutes*
    *runs into the gaza strip pushing a hot dog cart*

    sensual seduction

  13. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    yup…that Chili’s is comin back around…

  14. chea Says:

    Mark Twain Fame Says:

    July 3rd, 2008 at 4:06 pm
    yup…that Chili’s is comin back around…



    mtf brings that white boy poop humor urly

  15. blahk duppy Says:

    *currently listening to wild flower*

    no smoking alarms no smorking alarms no smoking alarms no smorking alarms no smoking alarms no smorking alarms

  16. blahk duppy Says:

    “I was the first nigga that had you watching flicks by deniro”

    pussy kills > wildflower still.

  17. blaze22 Says:

    MTF you ready to see Edmonds crushing it out of Busch this weekend wearing Blue?

  18. blahk duppy Says:

    fuck mtf and you chea… sike i’m just playing… kinda lol.

    *dies dies dies* (c) chea lol *dies again on gp*

  19. chea Says:

    ok players (no roots) time to get the party started, have a wonderful 4th

  20. blaze22 Says:


    first 5 minutes of batman

  21. blahk duppy Says:

    damn I never knew SP, ripped that wildflower track.

    *blogs from mindy marins jacked up perspective*

    super sharpie pen that red

    happy early 4th

    coffee’s great.

    who got that new young chris song?

  22. Becca Says:


    chi-town stand up

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