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Video: Memphis Bleek & Saigon in Norway

Bleek and Saigon run into each other in Norway.

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9 Responses to “Video: Memphis Bleek & Saigon in Norway”

  1. Rockabye Says:

    My fucking head hurts. Can we just sit here and talk about whether Sai’s album ever comes out (not this year) and whether Bleek is actually a weed carrier (my bet’s no)?

  2. landLORD Says:

    … memphis bleek is NOT a wed carrier …

    … he is the RocAfella CEO of Janitorial Services …

  3. landLORD Says:

    … memphis bleek is NOT a weed carrier …

    … he is the RocAfella CEO of Janitorial Services …

  4. E. Tiggidy Says:

    These two would probably be better of as ghostwriters for the Diddy’s, Dre’s, and Bow Wow’s. Makes no sense to have a deal if you just on mixtapes with your album not coming out ’til 2010.

  5. eskay Says:

    Director of Marijuana Logisitics

  6. Ty Says:

    I fux wit Bleek…”I stay High” (c)….

  7. lea Says:

    Can we PLEASE get a separate post on this site for the funk flex PSA! he agrees with d*&kriding! i wonder has he eva put out a PSA out his good friend Curtis stirring up BEEF errtime he drops an album or is that really considered great marketing. i was just interested in what some you Great peeps on this site would say about that if it was to be posted!

  8. Casey Says:

    Why is Bleek in Norway? Did Jay-Z need him to pick something up there?

  9. embark Says:

    Saigiddy AINT from BK though…. Big ass Brooklyn jean jacket and the nigga aint from Brooklyn

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