Video: Alfamega – OG TV Part 2

Final episode to end any speculation. Stay on the lookout for new episodes of OGTV covering various topics & issues

Previously: Alfamega – OG TV Part 1

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8 Responses to “Video: Alfamega – OG TV Part 2”

  1. nation Says:

    lol, that’s amazing

  2. 2am Says:

    definition of mean mug

  3. Eastern_Digital Says:

    damn that bitch had a doo-rag on….

    Alfamega is ATLs Illa Ghee/Un Pacino…protectin the small men n/h

  4. 2am Says:

    I LOL’D at the baby with that drumstick too

  5. Dem Says:

    homie look like that “unforgivable” cat from the youtubes.

  6. harrydirty Says:

    this nigga need to clear his throat

  7. Smitty Says:

    who knew Chauncey from blackstreet was hiding out in Bankhead, go figure.

  8. Smitty Says:

    and since when do females wear doo-rags

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