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Pac Div: “So What We Did a McDonald’s Commercial”

I just waited 45 minutes at the drive through for three 4-piece nuggets and under normal circumstances you couldn’t pay me to eat this fucking garbage. Whoever is the late night manager at the McDonald’s on South Broadway in Yonkers, your moms.

Previously: Pacific Division x McDonald’s – The Big Mac Rap (Video)

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12 Responses to “Pac Div: “So What We Did a McDonald’s Commercial””

  1. Nanyanen Says:

    *bites Brad’s Big Kahuna Burger* (-)

    *recites passage from Ezekiel*

    *desert eagleizes Pac Div*

  2. McFly Says:

    I often find myself going through hurdles for nuggets as well (ll)…

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    I told you you’d go to McDevils! Man. I’ll give you halfa before you’re giving your Mum’s shitter a proper spraying, have it lookin like world war 3 all the way up the side of the porcelain.

  4. eskay Says:

    you’re Satan incarnate England.

  5. nation Says:

    nation: “uck iggas”

    fuck a pacdiv. why put it up on myspace if you don’t want the internet talking about it? y’all should kill yourselves for thinking no one would clown you for exactly what you were doing. and don’t stand there spitting like it’s about the rap, it’s obviously not about the rap

    throwing money around will only get you Philton’d

  6. That Man Says:

    Obligatory “McDonalds sucks” post.

  7. embark Says:

    i made the same run last night. How the mcdevils in fort greene run out of fries. How the fuck mcdonalds run out of fries!?

  8. Richie Cunning Says:

    FPS, bruh. Step the video editing game up.

  9. digital scales Says:

    Hahaha mcdonalds on queens bully and 38th st ran out of mcchickens real talk…hahaha at running out of fries that’s classic …..

    Texas/kansas/western/crown/royal/ and all threst of the hood chicken spots open till 5am >

    Yo embark you know my nigga jav(the twins) and the james, white dude that ball?

  10. Eightys Baby Says:

    Yo aint mad that they made they money, but Big Macs are fuckin ether in a cardboard box. I swore off them shits in May.

    Damn Eskay, 45 minutes in a fuckin drive thru for a 4 piece? Sounds like classic Mcdonalds fuckery.

    Imagine tryna get ya breakfast on, coppin a chicken biscuit, pullin off and opening the sandwhich only to see it was a swine buscuit instead.


  11. Alboogie7 Says:

    You should of gone to White Castle down the block man…Damn I miss Y.O!

  12. Becca Says:

    i love pac div

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