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Styles P – Play Me


Some new Ghost over Weezy’s 3Peat instrumental off the new Big Mike and Poobs joint you see above. LOL @ that cover.

Styles P – Play Me [DJ]

Props to Sermon who also has another new joint with SP and Sheek.

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4 Responses to “Styles P – Play Me”


    Cool cover.

    I’m a Star Wars fan.

  2. k Says:


  3. cOLD Says:

    if there were ever a best mixtape album cover contest, this will lose by far.

    but you cant lose spitting over this track.

  4. e-dubbs Says:

    ima star wars fan indeed, but good grief.. I mean this cover reminds me of when u see someone really fuck up and you feel so bad for them that you feel like your the one who fucked up.. aww man, homie.

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