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T.I. – Louis Rag (Radio Rip)

T.I. Louis Vuitton

It’s a very listenable radio rip of some new Tip produced by Swizzy, off of Paper Trail, ripped from DJ Drama’s The Aphilliates – The Streets Iz Watchin Shade45 show, so you know it’s official.

T.I. – Louis Rag (Produced by Swizz Beats)

UPDATE: There’s a new Alfamega song that features Clifford if anyone’s interested.

Bonus: Grand Hustle’s Algamega – Back To Business Freestyle

Previously: Video: T.I. – No Matter What | T.I. – A Better Day

Smuggled from Lowkey.

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15 Responses to “T.I. – Louis Rag (Radio Rip)”

  1. The Answer Says:


  2. nation Says:

    this song goes hard, but the whole Louis splash thing been played out, even before beautifulhustle.com

  3. The Answer Says:

    don’t you know I got
    key by the three when I chirp shawty chirp back
    Louis nap sack
    where I holding all the work at…”

  4. The Answer Says:

    Finally TIP is back wit a banger

  5. Big Homie Says:

    I wonder what he has in those Louis bags

  6. SecondBest21 Says:

    fuck dmx. lock him up already with his standing in line for the bathroom lookin’ ass. the end.

  7. Plug Says:

    TI aint gonna say nothin bout 50?!?!?!

  8. The Answer Says:

    Big Homie Says:
    I wonder what he has in those Louis bags

    “Loaded 44s on the low where the cheese at”

    (to continue with theses What You Know quotes lool)

  9. Plug Says:

    “Loaded 44s on the low where the cheese at”
    that was TI’s best work


  10. Oscar Says:

    Jay kills the haters


  11. sleep Says:

    This 50 and t.I shit will be interesting.because t.I said emeinem use to call him almost everyday when he was on house arrest

  12. sleep Says:

    I think he’s implying drugs is in his louie bag but I highly doubt it

  13. Prophecy_Projectz Says:

    lol@ Jay doing Wonderwall to open the Glastonbury show

    Noel Gallagher Lost

  14. embark Says:

    This is gonna be a big record regardless. Good for Cliff, son need some positive shit in his circle.

  15. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: T.I. - Swing Your Rag (Behind The Scenes) Says:

    […] This song is a well-documented banger, but Clifford can’t possibly think he just started the Louis Rag trend. The song is dope but isn’t the the trend a bit tired? Although he might just be looking for some sort of response from the hip-hop community to hype this song up… so let’s not fuck up our lunch. […]

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