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Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Move to Weekday Mornings


Congratulations are in order for Juan & Epstein. Previously heard on Saturday & Sunday mornings, they will now have an earlier weekday slot on Hot. I don’t know how Ciph is gonna get Pete to come on time but whatever they have or haven’t been doing must have worked. Oh also, Miss Jones is out and Big Boy is in. But more importantly:

The 7am – 10am show will be preceded daily by an early edition 5am-7am local show featuring the eclectic combo of HOT 97 rising stars Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg. Both shows will begin on HOT 97 effective July 21st. [..] Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg’s early edition will precede Big Boy’s show every day with the biting comedy and New York City flavor of this unique pairing. Previously heard on HOT 97 Saturday and Sunday’s 8-10am, the two have sparked a heavy following that continues to explode. “Mom will be proud” said Peter Rosenberg. “It is every Jewish mother’s dream to have her son do mornings on HOT 97.” When reached for a quote, Cipha Sounds was still unaware of the deal however stated that he “wants to do hood-rat stuff with my friends…so this sounds cool to me.”

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10 Responses to “Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Move to Weekday Mornings”

  1. SINCE 83 Says:

    1st for nothing!



    I love the podcast!! Congratulations to the both of them.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do hood rat stuff with my friends that smoke with cigarettes.

  3. goodtimes Says:

    FUCK YEAH….Now I can catch them on my way to school.
    but is big boy the dude from LA?

  4. Jmack Says:

    So ciph must be walkin away from the shade45 show..

  5. eskay Says:

    that’s what’s up! I wish they got Miss Jones spot, cuz they deserve it, but as long as she’s gone, I’m happy.

  6. j.Peso! Says:

    Sorry Miss Jones.. just a lil bit of no video games for the whole weekend!

  7. ninefourteen Says:

    jones was an ignant bitch. this is due.

  8. that guy Says:

    YES! get miss jones fat wack ass outta here!

  9. Marylandkev Says:

    Thank you lord NO MORE MISS JONES

  10. steve Says:

    they couldn’t find replacements more “urban’ for a morning show at the most popular hip hop station?

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