The Black Wall Street Comic


Here are the first two pages from the Black Wall Street Comic, created by ThisizGame member Fraawgz. The story starts out with Curtis killing Young Buck in cold blood and incurring the wrath of our hero, played by The Game. Look out for the Cam’ron cameo.

Click the images for larger versions.


The other pages are available here, but the last I checked some of the links were down.

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15 Responses to “The Black Wall Street Comic”

  1. BKScribe Says:

    Cam > everyone else mentioned in this strip (no hunts point)

  2. Victory Says:




    How gay is this??

    **No disrespect to homosexuals.


    >>Cam > everyone else mentioned in this strip (no hunts point)

    If Cam’s involved, it’s more than likely Hunts Point.

  5. Biddick Louvear Says:

    This guy might want to learn how to spell before he writes comic stories. Toodles.

  6. Da Says:

    this has got to be the stupidest shit ever.

  7. Prince Says:

    I Honestly Chuckled At This.

  8. embark Says:

    Prince Says:
    June 24th, 2008 at 2:07 am

    I Honestly Chuckled At This.
    *takes a deep breath*

    I did too
    *considers suicide*

  9. Ron Says:

    dem Black Wall Street niggas actin kinda sweet.

  10. anou Says:

    ahahahaha, shit funny as hell..LOL, but the person who made this strip has a problem with his spelling

  11. EffYou Says:

    This is why Game will never have a career of his own..He can’t get 50’s dick out his mouth..50 don’t even talk shit about that nigga anymore

  12. Antonio Says:

    The guy cannot spell steroids…

  13. arequ Says:

    black wall street need to make records and not comics

  14. No Mercy Says:


  15. HoeMercyKilla Says:

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