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R.I.P. George Carlin

Without question, the GOAT.

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25 Responses to “R.I.P. George Carlin”

  1. ELECTROgremlinCS88 Says:


  2. duyukid Says:


  3. Plug Says:

    Without question, the GOAT.
    *Joe Pesci voice*

    with me reading this its like your saying he’s better that Richard Pryor. You gotta watch how you say things. People could get the wrong idea

  4. digital scales Says:

    worrrd sombody sent me a text at like 8 in the morning, how he die



    RIP Carlin. Pryor was the GoAT

  6. !Ven-Tech? Says:

    What up to all the vets of nah right

    Suspect look to all the recruits & applicants

  7. Plug Says:

    hurry up and murk this thread. the term “goat” is being thrown around too loosely

  8. digital scales Says:

    whats good ven

  9. !Ven-Tech? Says:

    “Have the lambs goats stopped screaming, Clarice?”

  10. !Ven-Tech? Says:

    digital scales Says:

    June 23rd, 2008 at 10:26 am
    whats good ven

    *daps dro*

    Chillin homie, what’s good

  11. eskay Says:

    there can be more than one GOAT.

  12. Nanyanen Says:

    My homey has an old ass Carlin at Carnegie Hall record on vinyl. Every now and again I you lay down scratches using that record.

    George Carlin vocal samples > Primadonna P’s

  13. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    Paul Mooney >>>>> Richard pyror

  14. ELECTROgremlinCS88 Says:

    eskay Says:

    June 23rd, 2008 at 10:30 am
    there can be more than one GOAT.

    Does not Compute…
    The Greatest of All Time = The Greatest of All Time.

  15. Plug Says:

    there can be more than one GOAT.
    How can there be more than one greatEST of all time

    one goat per category

    plus eddie murphy > George Carlin… no disrespect

  16. Nanyanen Says:

    nosign, jimmy.

    i dont even feel the need to explain why.

  17. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    @ eskay

    watch the frist 30 seconds of the vid i sent you and give me some feed back fam ,,

  18. eskay Says:

    >>plus eddie murphy > George Carlin… no disrespect

    nah, I don’t think so. had you asked me in the ’92 I would have probably said yes, but right now, Charlie > Eddie. and Carlin never fell off.

  19. Jimmy Valentime Says:


    Paul Mooney wrote some of Richard Pryor’s routines for his appearance on Saturday Night Live, co-wrote his material for the Live on the Sunset Strip, Bicentennial Nigger, and Is It Something I Said albums, and Pryor’s film Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling. As the head writer for The Richard Pryor Show,

    an for the right price he can make your shit tighter……

  20. Plug Says:

    Charlie > Eddie.
    charlie who? murphy? lol. he needs more that a few cameos and voice overs to get on eddie’s level

    *cues “big brother” instramental*

  21. digital scales Says:

    i think richard pryror was befor my time

    his shit never had me laughing like Eddie Murphy Delirious or Raw

    shit off them 2 joints alone

    eddie murphy > richard pryor

    but then again pryor is my pops fav comedian and iv heard like 2 3 or his records and not for nothing his records was way funnier than anything iv seen of him on youtube

  22. cMac Says:

    plus eddie murphy > George Carlin… no disrespect


    Rip G. Carlin

  23. LANSKI Says:


    RIP George Carlin, I thought he was going to last forever on some George Burns.

    Damn, definitely the GOAT white comedian.

    Pryor is the GOAT black comedian.

    Respect the architects.

  24. Charles Oakley Says:

    Carlin was excellent, great, had very intelligent material. ‘Nuff said…

  25. saul goode Says:

    Jimmy V.:
    Paul Mooney may have written for the greatest, but that doesn’t make him the greatest. If you compare the two in overall total package, Pryor>>>Mooney
    No disrespect to Mooney, but he is no where as near dynamic as R.P. was, his humor is pretty one note. Even if he did write for Pryor, who knows how much, most comedians bounce their shit off others (pause) anyway.
    R.P.’s material was so personal there was no way anyone could perform that shit.

    R.I.P. George Carlin Top 3 dead or alive.

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