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The Testimony of Gemstones Mixtape

Gemstones - The Testimony of Gemstones (Fahrenheit 1/15 Vol. 6)

This deserved its own post. Chi-town stand up.

Gemstones – The Testimony of Gemstones Mixtape (Fahrenheit 1/15 Vol. 6)

Previously: Lupe Fiasco ft. Gemstones – Gangsta’s Groove

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7 Responses to “The Testimony of Gemstones Mixtape”

  1. D. Says:


  2. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    Props for this. I heard a couple of his joints dude is nice

  3. sleep Says:

    People afraid off criticism / but I always put myself in this sacrificial position

  4. Inori Says:

    Good shit.. ima give this a listen. thought this nigga name was Gemini though..*shrugs*

  5. Shogun Says:

    GemStones is Gemini, he just changed his name.

    This mixtape is dope. I’m putting this as the best mixtape of the summer. Don’t care what comes out next.


  6. Nanyanen Says:

    There are so many hiphop artists named Gemini its a travesty. Almosts as many as there are graff writers named Tek…
    The name Gemstones is still a bit stripperish… and why plural? he talking bout his family jewels?

    Dont get it twisted, I still think he’s a moster w the bars.

  7. Urswurv Says:

    I’ve like this kid since the first mixtape he’s better then most weed carriers

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