Esso – Kid From Harlem

Esso Presents: Kid From Harlem

This song is off of two of The NMC’s featured mixtapes, Best In The City: The 5 Borough Tour Mixtape & off of The Gardens – reason enough for it to get some shine. Over Weezy’s Mr. Carter beat, the next instrumental to get ransacked by the kid.

Esso – Kid From Harlem

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5 Responses to “Esso – Kid From Harlem”

  1. sleep Says:

    If they call u a nigger aint nothing to it tell em nas made you do it

  2. sleep Says:

    The nigga mixtape»»hhd»»street disciple»»nastradamis

    **Straight face**

  3. Smitty Says:

    …you need more people.

  4. Nanyanen Says:

    c-c-c-cops keep firing in my environment


  5. evolq Says:

    Esso is nice and quietly taking the buzz and dropping some nice joints at opportune moments.

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