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Video: Donny Goines – Faces In The Crowd (Live)

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24 Responses to “Video: Donny Goines – Faces In The Crowd (Live)”


    Chick Pissin > Boss Pissin (r.Kelly)

  2. cMac Says:

    buck has it rough n/h

  3. cMac Says:

    Game > Buck

    in terms of solo effort


    cMac Says:

    June 18th, 2008 at 12:13 pm
    buck has it rough n/h

    NOT. (borat)

  5. digital scales Says:

    if you can sit and judge the shit that goes down in the hood you aint from round here…

  6. Mark Twain Fame Says:


    June 18th, 2008 at 12:03 pm
    Mark Twain Fame Says:

    June 18th, 2008 at 12:02 pm
    ayo sneaker heads, where can my homie cop some dope Dunks? website that is…



    I aint clickin that shit…

    naw for real my homie wants some nice dunks and he wondering where he can cop some on the internet…Dunks still somewhat popular around the STL i guess…I wouldnt know im not a sneaker head, shit all I purchase are k-swiss ha.

  7. lo k Says:

    >>>if you look closely, there’s still a spot on the seat that is much cleaner than the rest of the seat, due to my manic scrubbing …

    *sips the clorox*

  8. digital scales Says:

    if you feel like you better than the next nigga for whatever reason, what makes up you?

  9. Dodger Clemens Says:

    266 my ass. big fuckin deal, buck calls 50 and gets emotional. 50’s a bitch for recording that shit. where does he come off taking shots at t.i. for squeeling when he’s pulling bitch moves like this?

  10. clyde Says:

    Mark Twain Fame says: shit all I purchase are k-swiss ha.

    *ethered himself like buck*

  11. Iceberg slim Says:

    buck took the south back 15 years……..

    50 says “im god to u niggas”……….see smurf

  12. cMac Says:

    Song Cry > My Whole Life



    (88 dances)

  14. digital scales Says:

    everybody goes through it, we put in a postion to fail first

  15. Rockabye Says:

    So Tiger won the Open with a double stress fracture

    Just maybe, Tiger >>> your favorite athlete.

  16. RIGZ Says:

    If I say “You taking the piss?” & the person answers “yes” theres usually a fight

    If we’re ina crowd of people & you say something subliminal, I’ll ask you “if you’re trying to take the piss”

    (basically make a joke at my expense)

    Its the same as asking someone if they’re trying to take you for a dickhead

    But theres alot of different ways to say/take the phrase…its kinda hard to explain

  17. !Ven-Tech? Says:

    green eyes Says:

    June 18th, 2008 at 12:11 pm
    LOL @ that pic

    LOL @ Ven;s british slang attempt.. Nah i believe its more “are you pissin me? or “you take the piss out of it” ) piss meaning fun in this case) but you know, ask rigz before you actually say this to a brit

    Nah Greens, I actually heard em say it like that on a couple of movies set in the U.K. (Lock stock, Snatch, Unleashed) and didn’t know what they were talking about. I would never actually ask someone if there were taking a piss.

    lol @ you saying “are you pissin me.”

  18. cMac Says:

    June 18th, 2008 at 12:17 pm


    (88 dances)

    when u said u liked white girls, where u talkin bout coke?

  19. clyde Says:

    Giambi on hGh >>> Tiger Woods

  20. Iceberg slim Says:

    mam ram > tiger woods

  21. RIGZ Says:

    Girls with home training & etiquette >>> Mud Up Gal that fart in your bed & piss with the door open

    Let Super Cat tell it


    “Man nuh want no girl if dem mud-up mud-up”

  22. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    clyde Says:

    June 18th, 2008 at 12:16 pm
    Mark Twain Fame says: shit all I purchase are k-swiss ha.

    *ethered himself like buck*


    not really, I dont wanna look like a clown wearing some damn SP dunks or whatever. I dont do that “girly” shoe game shit, I dotn ahve 20 pairs of whatever or any kind of shoe, to me thats some girl ish…I just wear whats a decent price and feels good to walk in…I work too hard to wear some dman tight ass nikes and scuff them up all day. I got soem kswiss, a pair of Timbo’s, and some diesel/steve madden dress shoes.

    plus my name aint “Clyde’ so I think I won on that note.

  23. Iceberg slim Says:

    rocko first name is more black than tigers whole being

  24. embark Says:

    Mark Twain Fame Says:

    I dont do that “girly” shoe game shit BUT I got some some diesel/steve maddens

    Self etherization

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