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Young Buck & Curtis Phone Conversation Pt. 2

And here’s part 2. This is more painful to listen too than part 1, but I have a feeling we haven’t heard everything. Info said she heard a 16 minute conversation and so far we’ve only heard about 5 minutes. Can it possibly get any worse?

Young Buck & Curtis Phone Conversation Pt. 2

Props to Miss Info of course.

Previously: Young Buck & Curtis Phone Conversation Pt. 1

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55 Responses to “Young Buck & Curtis Phone Conversation Pt. 2”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    Dammmmn homie…

  2. buddyholly Says:

    Rockabye Says:
    Fif ain’t lose, but he’s not quite winning here.

    I mean, he picked Buck, right? Good judge of character, Boo Boo.

    ^^^Buck was always an outsider, they used him for the southern market. That well dried up, he got out of pocket, now his ass is being thrown under the bus. A Nagger before me explained this

    Also this is great timing for the T.O.S album, more promo. It’s very easy to understand once you really think about it.

  3. D. Billz Says:

    When you signed you was the mannnnn homie…

  4. nation Says:

    my heart goes out to Young Buck right now. if this is at all true, something must have pushed him over the edge to say those things in the first place, then to call Fif, then to apologize to him… then, to break down over the fucking phone… 50 ain’t playing fair.

    if anything, Buck said “fuck g-unit” for pub… he’s still on that new album. but fif? he’s foul for this shit… he’ll burn down his baby momma’s house, throw his man under the bus, leak his own album just to have some DJ to blame for it… all for first week numbers

    he’s a fucking chump. I don’t care what any of you fucking losers have to say, this shit is disgusting. if you’re laughing, you’re a shook bird (c) Flex

    seriously, this is only gonna get the G-Unit stans rowdy enough to say Buck is a pussy but then why co-sign dude off the bat, a guy you’ve never nor will ever know? FOH to everyone

  5. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    Dies before i listen

  6. buddyholly Says:

    16 minute conversation? theres more to this? I thought it was a wrap with pt2… oh mannnnnnnnn this horrible

    someone needs to slap Curtis on the wrist for this one, no homo

  7. Rockabye Says:

    # Rockabye Says:
    June 17th, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    i gotta give 50 credit for this shit though, he tried to give this stupid fucker a chance to get rich and he blew it, having this as collateral for when he inevitably started popping shit is just genius
    For his near-total failure as an artist since Get Rich, 50 is one of the coldest, smartest businessmen around. The G-Unit shit popped off for a while, he’s got two albums that went plat in the first week and one that went gold, Vitamin Water was dumb luck or brilliant, and Thisis50 was a great move.

    I still think Jay and Russell have to be the Kasparov and Fischer of this shit, the business side, but Boo Boo’s at least playing chess.

  8. hip hop cops Says:

    >>50 ain’t playing fair

    i’d like to give buck the benefit of the doubt but the sad fact in life is when you give people a shot at success 99 percent of them fuck it up with sloth or greed (see: m.o.p.)

  9. the dough Says:

    Buck’s been making money for 50 without getting any checks himself and cleaning the G-Unit tour bus for six years now…tell me again how 50 lost? SMH

  10. buddyholly Says:


    Yea I understand your whole argument with the morals thing but guess what…. This is HipHop, niggas were never playing fair from the jump.

    The game is fucked up and always will be. 50 just making sure its never him that gets thrown under the bus.

    oh well

  11. D. Billz Says:

    nation Says:

    June 17th, 2008 at 8:17 pm
    my heart goes out to Young Buck right now.

    ^LMFAO! Let me find out you was listening and got all misty-eyed…

    *hands nation a tissue*

  12. Phil N. DeBlank Says:

    Boo Boo playin Chess, Buck playing Tic Tac Throw (‘member dat Sh*t)

  13. buddyholly Says:

    hip hop cops Says:

    June 17th, 2008 at 8:21 pm
    >>50 ain’t playing fair

    i’d like to give buck the benefit of the doubt but the sad fact in life is when you give people a shot at success 99 percent of them fuck it up with sloth or greed (see: m.o.p.)

    ^^MOP was unmarketable, but I overstand where you coming from.

  14. rrahha Says:

    yo to be real, i feel for buck too. fif was good with him though, he didn’t act up or nothing. I mean yeah he did cry, but that’s his people. He knows what fif did for him, fif is like a big brother to him. I mean lets be real. Real talk, it was funny…but buck loves 50 and the rest of them. Family issues man, we’ve all been through it.

  15. Furiou$tylez aka Larry Splashburne aka Splashaveli Tha Con Says:

    let me ask you muthafuckas a question…

    you dont think ted turner or donald trump has ever done some shit like this?

    nation while u sayin fuck everybody, watch that vince mcmahon clip you posted over again…

    whats vince’s fav line?

    “its all about the MON-NAY!”

    this is fuckin buisness people…

    aint no like, or no love in this shit…

    buck wasnt handeling his buisness right…

    he said it out his own mouth…miss info said it on her blog when he first got kicked out the unit…

    so what is 50 supposed to do BUT take advantage of this shit?

    if you dont call a nigga cryin on the phone, you dont have to worry bout shit like this happening…

    buck played himself for fuckin up 50’s money, fuckin up his own buisness, and callin a nigga on the phone fucked up.

  16. HAMbone Says:

    i mean it’s like fiddy is officially that classic villain..he’s got that sorrowful tone in his voice…real boo-booish talkin likke “its gonna be aight…u gonna get thru this.” the whole time the nigga 50 is checking the volume levels on the snitch-o-phone making sure the levels aint peaking out….

    its the classic move in a movie when the villain reaches his hand out only to try and push the other nigga off the edge….but then again, 50 always said, “i root for the bad guy..turn off the movie b4 da end cuz the bad guy die.”

  17. Legend Says:

    50 is gangsta/gutter as fuck

  18. Ron Says:

    HAMbone, fif didn’t tap the phone. He on that sammy the bull “ish”. That G-Unit building got fiberoptics. You wanna survive, you better walk around like a Mason. I hope Yayo didn’t call Fif after Jimmy shot up the house.

  19. Ron Says:

    Wayne kissing Baby = Buck on phone Begging For Mercy

  20. Simply eLi Says:

    Listening to part two, dude has to be off that “coke”. He sounded Just like Jeremy Piven in that movie “Smokin Aces” when dude came to terms with selln out his crew to the feds….

  21. HAMbone Says:

    Ron? Ron Decker?

    ha i feel u…im not gonna be like 99.9% of the other ppl here that go back and forth with fiddy…i fuck with 50 and like him like i liked the Ultimate Warrior from WWF back in the dizay….he entertains me..and i like being entertained….he makes hits…sometimes..and the rest of the time he just makes big business moves….btw, this new clipse sucks…storch did not bring it on this beat…r these midi tones?

  22. ye Says:

    not a good look crying over the phone

  23. jaydon the don Says:

    im really hoping fif didnt leak this. there might be violence following this for real real.

  24. Ron Says:

    Of course he leaked it. he’s the one who recorded it.

  25. 40 Inch Says:

    damn i cant even listen to the rest

  26. Dr Flav Says:

    This aint fly at all. Buck called trying to squash it with this chump and he gotta tape it? Sounds as bad as having to put a camera in your bedroom because you scared of being called a rapist, you suck at screwin broads that bad huh? The dude crying over the love he had for the crew as well as knowledge of dude being a blackballing hoe, word to Styles. This aint gangsta at all, dude keep doing tattle tale girly boy shit. Yep this is all a set up for Before I Self Destruct, fuck TOS, He gonna have to put that out before doing this type of bitchassness gets him murked altogether.

  27. game over Says:

    why’s the audio sound all chopped up though, especially the first part? on the first part it sounds like snippets from a conversation stitched together.

    if this dude is actually crying on the phone, this is 50’s homeboy that he picked as a soldier. how is this a win for 50? he picked buck up before GRODT popped off. everyone 50 has picked up since he started his label has turned against him. this is a boss? even Jay never saw treachery at this level. no one has. what rapper in history has had every addition to his crew turn against him? maybe fat joe?

  28. Jerz! Says:

    Ummmm is it obvious to anyone else that he leaked this shit after that video surfaced of Buck saying all that shit a couple days ago….?

  29. Ron Says:

    Fuck you talk you about. All Jay ex homies want to body that nigga. I guess it come with the territory. Jay wouldn’t put something like this on the net, he’d wait for SummerJam.

  30. SaigonTheDon Says:

    LOL…..a nigga get confuseddddd :( waaaaaa

  31. MEGA Says:

    That nigga is a bitch point blank. My pride does not not have a price tag. And this nigga 50 cent is a fuckin’ meat puppet; he wants to be jigga so bad. This shit is pathetic. I’m moving to London.

  32. AntSOReady Says:

    50 does wanna be like Hov.
    i think if I was 50 I woulda put Bucks cryin ass on blast like that too!

  33. DOUGH Says:

    This cant be buck this shit isnt real its fake…please tell me its fake…lmfao….i swear i will not support anything else of buck if this is him. 50 got someone that sounds like him i hope this nigga wasnt crying about being kicked out a group you grown as hell. Betta hit the streets again. Push come to shove sometimes all you got is yourself. Money should never make you a boot licker and if your leader do you like 50 do his niggaz how he hold that paper over their head …..thats shit is kind of disgusting.

  34. king blair Says:

    at least game was smart enough to not give 50 this kind of ammo. buck go in the cabinet swallow the pills an kill ya self cuz next time you rap that gangsta shit ya gonna need more people

  35. ajpone Says:

    you gotta see fifs point on this, i mean he tried giving him a chance multiple times, and buck didnt care. i mean this is raw and this is buck at his lowest point, BUT he in teh club sayin FUCK g-unit, i think fif knew what was gonna happen. is it a lil dirty, maybe but aye 50 knows beef and right now him exposin but so far=W in the book. this is a shame though seein buck like this it really is.

  36. Boli-negro Says:

    On this second interview, buck knew he fucked up becasue he was complaining how he wasnt doing many shows, and shit. He was getting mad that his money stopped coming in. He talked dirty about fif’ and now he told him how he rushed it and fucked up. But why was 50 cutting him out? Casue he was trying to start up his whole Cashville records crap and branch out? Was he mad that he wasnt trying to stay on that group tip, and be his YES men like Banks and Yayo?

    Banks is next though, you can tell homeboy is smart.

    50 is crazy pulling this kinda shit, he has no heart.

  37. Ehblogspot Says:



  38. BASHWON Says:

    recorded phone calls = the new diss records

  39. Mag Says:

    Damn Flex had some Subliminal songs going at Buck tonight.

  40. Nu Boy Says:

    Terry Crews > Young Buck (“Shut Yo Emotional Gangsta Ass Up!”)

  41. Los Says:

    all you pussy motherfuckers sayin fif is wrong for this need to fall back. 50 kicked buck out of the group but kept him on the label. buck didnt have enough respect to keep quiet and keep it movin. nah, he had to scream fuck gunit, this and that. so 50 let him have it, pulled up this bitches skirt. air it out 50. he aint show respect to you, show no respect to him

  42. Los Says:

    @ LOL…..a nigga get confuseddddd :( waaaaaa

  43. Big Deezy Says:

    urrrrrgh…. that was horrible

    u can call fif a cold businessman but that shits waaaay out of line, i think 50 made it clear that buck could come back to the fold if he just admitted he was in the wrong, as far as im concerned crying over the phone to someone who is supposedly a homeboy you can talk to and rely on and then have them switch on you is just wrong man…..if buck goes back to the unit now hes trapped for life, 50’s not just playing with his life and his money, hes got his emotions sewed up too…..shits plain nasty

  44. korey Says:

    look for a new Game freestyle tomorrow

  45. king blair Says:

    Buck ; Please 50 I need it man, you hungry I got a cheeseburger.

    50 ; Naw I’m cool buck, you fucking up.

    Buck ; Daddy please take me back Baby and Wayne style. I’ll suck yo dick. You the best Mayne, you deed it

    50 : Kill ya self

    Buck : Why can’t I quit You.

    50: Cuz I fired your bitch ass ( 50 then puts on his NO BITCHASSNESS t-shirt)

    Buck : (Crying)

    50 : You know you done Fucked up right?

  46. J.B. Says:

    “I still gotta wonder why… I never seen a man (career) die til I seen that man cry”. (C) Scarface. Didn’t this fool learn anything 50 and Cam phone conversion. It’s funny and sad at the same time. “Temptations ain’t nuthin’ without David Ruffin!” (C) Leon

  47. Big Deezy Says:

    50 : You know you done Fucked up right?


  48. The No Gooder Says:

    50 is the only label owner who shits on his own artists. He’s not too cool. G-unit as a whole has been making the same exact songs since day one. boring.

  49. dockevoc Says:

    Buck KNOWS he’s gonna be broke now…I’d cry too!

  50. $tackMillion$ Says:

    honestly the first part did seem like it was chopped up and put 2gether. the second part nowwww i dont kno. but why fif sound like he standin in a booth. his voice is madddddddd clear on sum cd quality shit. but yet bucks shit sounds horrendous. if this is true damnnnnn bucckk

  51. J.B. Says:

    This tape is obviously a little old, probably between November – January. Now we know why they call him Boo Boo he’s emotional like a girl, he sat on this tape for a minute then he gave birth when he felt like Buck got outta line. Buck will be here (D.C.) next Thursday we’ll see what happens then. I always liked Buck out of all of them, even though he the Bobby Brown (problems with drugs and money) of the unit. 50 played him by releasing this tape but 50 also PLAYED HIMSELF TOO.

  52. dondon Says:

    i’m a little bit confused bout this one…

  53. jjrs Says:

    50’s just fucking up his own record label. His hottest selling artist was Game. No-one remembers, but his album sold 500,000 the first week out. He could have been huge. He couldn’t handle the competition, So he kicked him off the label and tore him apart.

    Then the only G Unit artist anyone gave a shit about was Young Buck. So he kicks him out of the group and destroys his career with this tape.

    These artists were THE ONLY ONES MAKING YOU ANY MONEY, you dumb fuck. Eminem thinks you’re an asshole, but he keeps you around because he makes as much money off your albums as you do. If you had your act together you’d do the same, instead of trying to tear down everyone around you that’s a threat to you.

    50 Cent will lose. His last album bricked, his next will do even worse. In 5 more years no-one will even remember his name.

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