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Video: Young Buck Going Off

If this isn’t proof that Young Buck is still planning on cashing his G-Unit checks, that he allegedly won’t get, I don’t know what is. The timing and content of this rant coincides perfectly with the usual G-Unit/Interscope marketing push.

It goes without saying that this is for archival purposes. Spotted at Miss Info’s.

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6 Responses to “Video: Young Buck Going Off”

  1. Ehblogspot Says:

    Dude was very right…… You have to respect Young Buck

  2. thekid Says:


  3. thekid Says:

    it’s da unit

  4. game over Says:

    I like how 50 is talking all this shit about Buck, but he can’t find one royalty check that he gave to Buck to dispute Buck’s claims.

    And the funny thing is, Banks and Yayo probably never got a royalty check either.


  5. Los Says:

    i’m pretty sure 50 said buck has a debt to correct with him before buck sees any royalties

  6. Mag Says:

    Me: Are the rims in the Bentley are still spinning Buck?

    Buck: They Spinnin!, Nigga they Spinnin!

    Me: Smh

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