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Video: Peedi Crakk – Camel Face Hunting Season Interview

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12 Responses to “Video: Peedi Crakk – Camel Face Hunting Season Interview”

  1. One Cool Dude Says:

    what da fuck is peedi talking about? where da hell is he? ” Ol take the trash outside and bring ya ass back in the house looking ninja”
    scooby snack(nhjic)> peedi crack

  2. ninefourteen Says:

    duke is lookin real desperate right now. we all know hov wont dignify this with a response. give it up, you got a little spit but your career never happened. focus on getting shit poppin with the roots and shit cause thats all you got right now peedi.

  3. TC Says:

    That nigga got an aardvark face…

  4. DJ Says:

    the nigga is actually drunk while hes talkin….(listen for the slurred words)

  5. mclevels Says:

    he’s on house arrest, and he still must want to do dumb shit. What happen to rocafella records they really need to make a documentary on what happen for VH1 or something.

  6. DES Says:

    the Roc is a fucking mess. Does Jay even plan to let artists release albums through it right now or is he trying to kill his distribution deal with Def Jam. Peedi was a fucking beast on The B.Coming and a lot of cameos before that but he hasn’t done shit since. Jay should just release em all and let them sort their own shit out.

  7. game over Says:

    peedi looked inebriated as hell.

    dudes need to focus on staying sober long enough to put that next state property album out

  8. A.G Says:

    Just because Jay-Z is such a big artist, everybody assume that being in his team means succes, money & the rest (cars, clothes, hoes…)
    But noboby did what they need to do to make their personal project pop. Why, ’cause they thought the situation was easy: why bother, we’ signed to Jay-Z, he’s gonna be featured on my cd and i’mma make millions!
    The problem is they’re all lazy *ss n*gg*z!!!
    Then they blame big homy?!

  9. Mindy Marin Says:

    peedi…dont bite the hand that feeds you

    just a subtle warning.

    put this one to bed…(recommended)

  10. Mindy Marin Says:

    ps…”perrion” is hyper ill

    get back in the studio


  11. dougie Says:

    That nucka was BLITZED!!

    HAHA.. to rappers doing doing drunk interviews.

  12. dondon Says:

    peedi’s great. wasted or not.
    knocka is entertaining.

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