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Video: Notorious Video Diary #2

This latest episode visits the many NYC and Brooklyn locations of the upcoming biopic and includes behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Ms. Wallace, Lil Cease, Director George Tillman and more.

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40 Responses to “Video: Notorious Video Diary #2”

  1. 911 Says:

    *Stares at screen*
    *Supplicates left brain*
    *Blank stare*

    Damn writers block, full circle… double time…figure 8 seen horizontally…
    Maybe a few are of the esoterica guild & I salute those.


  2. LL(not the rappa) Says:

    this looks interesting……………

    # landLORD Says:
    June 16th, 2008 at 9:52 pm

    *blogs from the perspective of England Represents*

    *gets sunburned*

    ^^^^^*steals mindy’s pills, gets attacked*

  3. D. Billz Says:


    June 16th, 2008 at 9:20 pm
    *blogs from the perspective of Mindy*

    I’m going to the mall

    (I can’t find my car keys)

    my dog ate my last prozack pills I’m gonna fuck him…….up

    (cart wheels out a window)

    digital scales Says:

    June 16th, 2008 at 9:20 pm
    *blogs from the perspective of Mindy*……..

    when i was young i thought about being old

    now that im old i think about being young

    my herpes hurt

    i love turtles, even when the rain is in the yellow i still feel fine

    ^ *lethal injection*

  4. Mindy Marin Says:


    you’re still not here?

    you lost

    all men lost tonight. I will once again be serenaded to sleep by the sounds of jimmy blanco and the riot squad

    track 12 on repeat all night

    followed by track 1 of that soulful dub b

  5. Mindy Marin Says:

    if somebody wanted to come and rap in my ear though


    “at night I cant sleep..I toss and turn…etc.etc”

    I’m giving you one week to show your race

    this is real spit

    rap it up in sweden

  6. Mindy Marin Says:

    um..I mean face*


  7. Mindy Marin Says:

    touchy touchy tonight

    if I can help myself

    (uh oh…that mood muzik did it)

  8. Bugs Says:

    New Yark…

    Yup it all took place right here, in New Yark

  9. Mindy Marin Says:


    I am going to explode or something

    hi sam

  10. buddyholly Says:

    *blogs from the perspective MindyMarin*
    *brain cell loss occurs*

    *stops blogging from the persepctive of MindyMarin*

  11. Jud Buechler Says:

    heavy vee> lil mama…..

    I’m feeling heavy vee’s swag and gravitas…she don’t take herself serious..

  12. Mindy Marin Says:

    my cam radar is going off

    I love you forever…seriously


  13. Mindy Marin Says:

    feeling sleepy

    but nobody did it


  14. Mindy Marin Says:

    who moderates your myspace page Saigon?

    please tell them to stop deleting my notes

    I put a lot of thought into those

    I dont want some slore reading them…who is that bitch with the big titties sucking on the dildo

    dismiss that

    you need a lady

    that would be ME

  15. Mindy Marin Says:

    stop rotating those slores

    you only need one



  16. Mindy Marin Says:


    Mine (real) > dildo sucker (definitely FAKE)

    cute but plastic

  17. Mindy Marin Says:


    rocafella records

    will NEVER DIE


  18. Mindy Marin Says:

    drunken bum ramblings

    somebody pass me my pills

    before I say some more ill shit

  19. Mindy Marin Says:

    I’ve been sending you notes since september 2007

    I met you outside of the soul cafe

    I said “it’s not you”

    and you said

    “She’s seen me on entourage”

    and I said


    and then I got your number


  20. Mindy Marin Says:

    you dont reply…

    except that one time

    when you said

    “ava, stop playing I will cum on that pretty ass face”

    and I said


  21. Mindy Marin Says:

    then I wrote you that long letter

    where I pretended we were down and I got approved for a congugal visit

    (bet you never got that one)

    I swear to god I will fuck a bitch up

    (no entertainment value)

    real ketchup

  22. Mindy Marin Says:

    and that’s it for tonight folks

    I’m here nights

  23. Mindy Marin Says:

    accepting applications from

    sam H
    whoo kid
    will lemay
    don mcnabb
    kevin garnett (in an amicable, friendly way)
    the lakers

    riot squad

  24. Mindy Marin Says:


    (you could get here in 1.5 hours)

    there is a marriott down town

    (but I wont be there)


  25. Mindy Marin Says:

    I called ms carter back

    now I’m just sitting up in my room

    with the teddy bear

    the mood muzik cd is buried under my dirty underwear


    too dangerous

  26. Mindy Marin Says:

    sam that was a green light my nig

    we have history

  27. Mindy Marin Says:

    get here fast because I am sleepy

    If you do come…that is a GUARANTEE

    at this point in time

    103 field of YMCA in the summer

  28. Mindy Marin Says:


    that one disappeared.

    make sure he gets that..or YOU!

  29. Mindy Marin Says:

    dancing to “hot mess”

    next up

    JR WRITER”S “PUSHIN” freestyle

  30. Mindy Marin Says:

    that was a single invitation

    (no jumpoff….as if!)

  31. Mindy Marin Says:

    “I wish I would touch that shitty shit”

  32. Mindy Marin Says:


    ‘who the fuck you really a chat to”

    you should come too

  33. Mindy Marin Says:

    Call the police on that yardie bitch

    her music too loud

    (remember that hater at mcd)

  34. Mindy Marin Says:

    I need to be somewhere where I can do that


  35. Mindy Marin Says:

    I need confirmation that the recipient got that message

    if not…I turn up the jimmy

    track 12,

    with the candle lit

  36. Mindy Marin Says:

    sure is quiet in here

  37. Mindy Marin Says:

    if you miss this golden opportunity

    then you have too many side bitches

    and I lose interest

    (besides I really only want 3 people)

    and then fisticuffs

  38. Mindy Marin Says:

    ethering myself

    the future is playing

    and I am GONE

  39. Mindy Marin Says:


    last comment

    text message me

  40. embark Says:

    *watches video*

    *Welcomes Nah RIght To My Hood*

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