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Obie Trice – Hold Up

Obie Trice

Off his next project, Bottoms Up.

Obie Trice – Hold Up

Props to Shake.

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9 Responses to “Obie Trice – Hold Up”

  1. nation Says:

    i’m getting outta hiiiih

  2. Jesus Juice Says:


  3. TY Says:

    I fux wit Obie….

  4. Mr.E Says:

    AYOOOO. ^^

  5. Tha 5th Element Says:

    Um.. Obie…. OMG. haha. This is mos def not his greatest work…. nor anywhere near it.

    *Starts bumpin’ “The Set Up”*

  6. goodtimes Says:

    dude is a straight up alchy with his damn album titles.

  7. goodtimes Says:

    oh and “Cry Now” > “The Set Up”

  8. jfoxgotraps Says:

    its too much. and i love obie. superfulous or what ever that word is, has to go he uses it too much it was phat the first time but that shit is only hot one time. i expect another hot album from obie however. tha dude has a great recording voice and a great team behind him. this track needs some work before released.

  9. AntSOReady Says:

    i thought he went in, but not too sure about “Superfulous” only obie can get a wit shit like that.

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