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Video: Nelly ft. Ciara & Jermaine Dupri – Stepped on My J’s

Now you fucking know this shit is for archival purposes. I almost forgot how horrible this guy’s swag is, but this certainly jogged my memory. Also posting on the strength of Ciara and all of those Jordan’s…

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15 Responses to “Video: Nelly ft. Ciara & Jermaine Dupri – Stepped on My J’s”

  1. buddyholly Says:

    Why can’t it just be that Nas is the orginal street poet that came full circle and stayed on his poltical shit and said fuck the fame and killed it lyrically and birthed flows while at it?

    And Why can’t it be that Jay-Z set the blueprint on how you become an all around all star rapper from NY, from project benches to fucking with Bill Gates?

    Why can’t they co-exist? why you naggers so senseitive?

    And why can’t yall just let 50 rape the game and write hooks all day long?

    Let these bitches breathe

  2. D_block_4_life Says:

    *Walks in*

    *See the conversation*

    *Daps Digi,X & Cold*

    *Walks back out*

  3. 456 Says:

    Jay Z worships money, if you think throwin some dollars around cures the illness of the ghettos, you lost. No disrespect i love money like the next man, but i aint worship that shit. Power comes in thought, action, and spoken word. And co sign digi, i aint give a fuck about what rappers do outside of the booth, i dont care who they datin, how much money they got, what business investments they have etc. jay is an extremely talented business man. But we aint comparin that…we talkin what they spittin.

    ^so you saying that if a preacher or a politician said one thing and then left the pulpit and did the opposite it wouldn’t matter? we should just judge the politician for what he says and not what he does? anybody can talk shit in a mic…but can he walk it like he talk? we aint talking about who they dating…we talking about what they do in real life…that’s what gives somebody authority…and as am saying that’s what gives them the title…

  4. Eastern_Digital Says:

    Lamborghin-I, bright canary yellow….

  5. cOLD Says:

    d block whats up homie

    yo, this song is disgusting.

  6. FRESH Says:

    This shit is amazing to me… two posts from wack artists about Jordans… these rappers kill me…


  7. D_block_4_life Says:

    ^Aint shyt fucking starving, i cant see videos @ work SMh

  8. Eastern_Digital Says:

    yo why is ciara wearing one of them electric shackles?

  9. cMac Says:

    peep out my girl Tae Rene in the video

  10. ian Says:

    This video is cool: nice Spike Lee (Mars Blackmon Jordan tv spots/Do The Right Thing) visual refs but Nelly still stays losing for having passed on recording ‘Low’ and letting Flo-Rida blow up with it instead cos I’m not sure this is a hit record.

  11. 40 Inch Says:

    i would smash the shit outta ciara DAMN!

  12. Mr.E Says:

    cant wait for that ciara sextape to come out
    its only a matter of time…=x

  13. greg Says:

    Can’t wait for Jordan Brand to get this video to get pulled off the air for licensing and legal reasons

  14. MRWILLDOIT Says:

    I’m afraid for the future…

  15. Keno Says:

    LOL @ Greg – You are so totally right…. This shit will get pulled off the air right away once Brand Jordan gets a hold of it.

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