The Cool Kids – Unos

Chucky and Mike pay homage to fresh kicks on this leftover from The Bake Sale EP. The short film above also features the track and was done by Amir George.

The Cool Kids – Unos

Props to Andrew

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7 Responses to “The Cool Kids – Unos”

  1. Big Homie Says:


  2. buddyholly Says:

    damn eskay is fucking the flow up, that aint hip hop. now watch him post like 5 threads before i even the submit comment button

  3. buddyholly Says:

    damn did everyone get lost in the matrix.

  4. buddyholly Says:

    damn just when the latest 1,364,3454,000 jayz V.s nas discussion was about to pop off, everyone goes ghost. smh

  5. ian Says:

    Garbige! WTF?

  6. shemesh Says:

    all of the cool kids beats sound the same

  7. LOL Says:

    wtf is this nonsense!

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