Video: Kurupt – The Double Up & Take Off

Kurupt & Damani – The Double Up

A couple of clips from Kurupt.

Kurupt & Young Gotti – Take Off

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9 Responses to “Video: Kurupt – The Double Up & Take Off”

  1. nation Says:

    first the Yak got to me

  2. ohhwopbk Says:


  3. Dem aka Get Out My Way, Pimping Says:

    jadakiss/forest whittaker cameo?

  4. Nanyanen Says:

    Didn’t even know Storch was a Hebrew…

    Chea, you seriously have jewdar.

  5. chea Says:

    *dies* @ damani how are rappers gonna give themselves stripper names

    *waits for a rapper to name himself “misty” [||]*

  6. cold Says:


  7. Eastern_Digital Says:

    yo kurupt buried that other nigga

  8. DaOriginalBadnews Says:

    7 replies for the God?!? Only right. Kurupt is on the top MC’s list of any REAL hip hop head. And no i’m not from Cali….or Philly.

  9. DaOriginalBadnews Says:

    It’ll take yall 30 listens to decipher his whole rhyme. How hip hop used to be. *wipes tears from eyes* let me get my pen and pad to write this ish down.

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